4 Reasons Why You Need Web Hosting

4 Reasons Why You Need Web Hosting

4 Reasons Why You Need Web Hosting



I know too many bloggers out there, the topic I am about to write about might not be strange to you. Some of you might be planning to skip these articles already. Believe me, there is no harm in reading the article. There are some things that you can learn if you can take the time to read this article about why you need web hosting for your blog or website. In this article. I will be talking about some of the reasons why you get on a good web hosting platform for your website or blog.


Another reason why we need to go through this article is that there are some of you that you are with a blog hosting company that is killing your career gradually. It is high time you plan on how you are going to move on.


Without wasting much time, here are some of the reasons why you need a good web hosting service.


#1 Storage platform

When it comes to website hosting, you need to understand a good website works like you have an online office. When you are setting up an office, you will need to rent a shop and pay yearly for that shop. The same thing applies to your blog or website. Your hosting company is your landlord or landlady. They are the ones helping you to keep your files and other information that relates to your entire website.


So the hosting platform is a special computer that manages your blog or website database. They assist you in storing images, files and other important data that relates to your website.


#2 Domain requests

Also, your hosting platform is linked to your server. When a user comes to your website and they desire to open a particular page on your website, they will be sending a request to the server. It is now the duty of the server to load the web page that the visitor desired to open. If you have a domain name without a hosting platform, there will be no special platform where your data can load from.


#3 Good Stuffs are expensive

Also, you need to note that for you to enjoy good hosting, you must be ready to pay for such services. It is expensive because hosting requires good internet connectivity and bandwidth. It is also expected that the service should be available almost all the time. They need to make use of Ti, DS3 or Gigabit internet connection in order to be able to serve customers better.


#4 Cheaper to rent

You also need to understand that most at times, it is better to go for the option of paying for web hosting than when you are planning to host your website on your own. There is a high tendency that those hosting sites will have a strong internet connections that is stronger than yours. They will be able to provide excellent services which might be difficult for you to maintain on your own. That is why it is very important for you to consider this option instead of thinking of buying a server on your own.



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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