7 Amazing Advantages Of Google Reviews Widget You Might Not Know


7 Amazing Advantages Of Google Reviews Widget You Might Not Know


Do you remember the last time you wanted to try something new, and you did not check it’s reviews on Google before going for it? That’s the kind of impact Google reviews have on us.

We could be trying out a new salon, a new restaurant, or just the around the corner AC service person; checking out the Google reviews has become a part of our lifestyle.

As a brand, it becomes crucial to have a good amount of Google reviews so that potential customers would choose you over your competitors. But if you want to stand out in this competitive world, embedding Google reviews to your website has to be the best strategy!

Want to know how? Let’s see some of its advantages.


#1 Build Social Proof

The idea of social proof is a basic online user behaviour where people copy others’ actions. When a person sees a group of people doing something in the digital space, they would do it too. It’s almost like following the herd.

Something similar happens with the Google review widget. When you embed the Google review widget on your website, and your customers see that you are giving importance to your customers’ views by giving them a place on your website, they feel like giving a review for you too.

It helps you generate more Google reviews for your website, creating better social proof possibilities.


#2 Build Brand Trust

Google reviews widget allows you to embed all your Google reviews on your website. By doing so, you make them accessible to the visitors bringing authenticity and transparency to your website.

While your visitors explore your website, the Google reviews act like the perfect trust-building factor so that they don’t feel hesitant before investing in your brand.

Not just that, these Google reviews give them a better perception about your brand and spend more time on your website, as they find it worth spending time on.


#3 Create Brand Awareness

Reviews are presented online to create more brand awareness and reach as compared to other marketing strategies. When you get more reviews from your consumers, their other connection learns about your brand, which increases your reach.

Embedding Google reviews widget on the website boosts your website traffic. Positive reviews and feedback enable you to earn consumers’ trust and create brand awareness.


#4 Enhance Conversion Rate

As an e-commerce brand, boosting conversion rates is the number one priority. If we talk about it from a consumers’ perspective, than hundreds of e-commerce brands have risen, so it has become difficult to choose, as the number of frauds is rising too.

In that case, consumers seek reviews before making any purchase decisions online. When you embed the Google Reviews widget on your website, it gives your website visitors a reliable source right where they are, eliminating their review-searching process.

It enables your potential customers to make confident purchase decisions. It also boosts your conversion rates and encourages them to make more purchases with you, and write a positive google review for your brand.


#5 Improve SEO Ranking

Google reviews play a crucial role in SEO ranking. Your ranking might get affected, depending upon the number of searches and the consumers’ purchases.

Embedding Google reviews widget on the website becomes a positive decision factor for your visitors, boosting your conversion rates.

Search engines like Google rank a website higher, based on the maximum searches, good reviews, and receiving constant visits by the users with higher engagement. That’s how you gain a higher SEO ranking with the Google reviews widget on your website.


#6 The Impact Of Negative Reviews

Statistics show that when consumers want to see the real picture of a brand, they would usually check out the ones with 3.5 ratings or negative reviews. As a brand, it is important to address the negative and average reviews as much as you focus on the positive ones.

When you ignore the negative Google reviews, it shows an ignorant image. When you reply to a negative Google review and resolve the problem if the customer has mentioned any, it gives a mature image to your brand.

Display a blend of all your reviews with the Google review widget as it will build authenticity and make your website a reliable source for the consumers.


#7 Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Internet users love it when they are heard, and their views are given value. When you embed the Google reviews given by your customers on your website as a Google review widget, and they come across it, they feel important.

They realize how important their views are for you, and they start liking your brand more than other brands. They also tell their friends and family about you, making them your loyal customers.

Customer loyalty ensures that each time the loyal customers look for a product similar to your products, they will always choose your brand.


Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have reached the end of this blog, we hope that you know the importance of the Google review widget. Also, the amazing advantages it brings in if you embed it on your website.

So? What are you waiting for? Collect all those Google reviews and embed them on your website as a Google review widget and avail all the above-mentioned advantages.



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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