7 Considerations Before Setting Up An E-Commerce Website

settig up e-commerce website

7 Considerations Before Setting Up An E-Commerce Website



In my previous articles, I have tried to look at some of the attributes of a good e-commerce website. One thing is very common though, most of those that are setting up an e-commerce website is not really paying attention as far as some of the factors to be considered are concerned. That is why they are set up for failure before they even commence such a website. So, in this article, let look at some of those factors. I will be highlighting seven of them in this article.


Now the elements…

#1 Right Development partner

One of the very first thing that you need to look at is how you are going to identify the right developer for your e-commerce website development project. You have to choose a Developer that really understands how to build a good e-commerce website. He must have a good knowledge of Search Engine Organization and be ready to work with customer-facing departments in order to achieve the desired results.


#2 User Friendly

Also, you need to put your customer first when you are planning to build a good e-commerce website. You have to design a website with good navigation. It must be easy for user to find what they are looking for on the website. You also need to pay good attention to mobile users who might be assessing your e-commerce website from a mobile phone. Obviously, you need to know that a large percentage of your users will be assessing your e-commerce website from a mobile phone.


#3 SSL Certificates

Also, you need to know that when it comes to purchasing products and services online, there is no customers that will want to enter their card information when they feel that information enter on your website will be leaked to third parties. You need to make sure that you are using https so that whatever data going in or out of your websites are encrypted. This will assist in securing card information of your users.


#4 Unique description

Since there will be absolutely no one to guide users and tell them more about products and services that you have displayed on your e-commerce website, you need to provide detailed information that will allow users to know more about unique features of your products and services. This will greatly increase the conversion rate and allow users to decide on whether they are interested in that particular product or not.


#5 Policies

Also, as part of your effort towards establishing your online business and improving your relationship with your customers, you need to work with Legal Practitioners to create some vital and essential policies that will guide your online business. Some of those policies include the Shipment policy, return policy, gateway policy among others. Creating these policies will save you from unnecessary and avoidable legal tussles.


#6 Payment notification

Also, as part of your efforts towards building a sustainable relationship with your customers, you should have a way of notifying your users once their payments have been received. You can actually set up an automated email that notifies users once payment made are received. This should also include information about how products purchased will be delivered as well.


#7 Good technical support

One of the vital elements that a good online business must have if they want to enjoy repeated purchase is for them to have a good technical support for their prospects and customers. They should be able to provide good pre-sales and after-sales services to their customers. This will allow them to address the concerns of the customers before products are purchased. They will also be able to provide technical assistance when customers are facing challenges with product(s) purchased from the organization.



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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