8 Useful Editing and Proofreading Tips for Essay Writers

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Do you know your essay is marked for editing and proofreading too? Yes, you will lose your marks if a professor sees an error in punctuation, spelling, or formatting. Most essay writers use tools to edit their content.


Here are a few tips that can help you edit & proofread your essay content in no time:


Get your essay structure correct


An essay structure comes under formatting instructions and guidelines. The institution usually shares the structure beforehand. A standard essay contains 5 paragraphs. 1 paragraph is for the introduction & conclusion each while 3 paragraphs are reserved for the middle body. Essay writers of professional companies usually follow this format.


Shorten long sentences & paragraphs


Reduce any sentence that is 15 words or more. Readers can follow up only when sentences are shorter. It gets a little confusing if there is too much information given without a pause. Short sentences are quick to read and easy to understand. The same goes for paragraph length. A paragraph should be 100-150 words long and not more. You can certainly ask around “who can write my essay?” and get help from friends or seniors for essay writing.


Do not complicate your content


Your content should not be filled with unnecessary details, as it will just complicate your essay. Keep it simple and to the point. Avoid putting additional information.


Avoid repetition of ideas or vocabulary


You have a specific word limit or limited paragraphs for your essay. Try to include only important information and cover your topic in-depth. Repetition may cause boredom or lessen the value of your content. As an essay writer learn the art of drafting unique content.


Use proper software for spell check


There are software’s online that can do a spell check for your essay. It is a very important part of editing. Missing out on this will bring an impression of carelessness.


Watch your grammar


Grammar is another area for editing and proofreading. You can either ask, “Who can write my essay or proofread it?” and take help from your friends. An extra pair of eyes will always be helpful.


Be up for formatting


There are a set of formatting instructions and guidelines that are provided by the institution. After completing your essay see if your essay is aligned with them. Your essay has marks separately for formatting. An academic document cannot be processed without formatting in a certain way.


Skip tautology


If you are using 2-3 three words that mean the same thing then it’s referred to as tautology. Don’t use such vocabulary or phrases, as your professor will know that you did it intentionally to cover the space. For instance, “the big giant” Big and giant both mean the same or are synonyms. Hence skip tautology in your essay content.




Michael tell Editing and proofreading are as important as writing an essay. No matter how good your content is, if not edited properly, it will lose its worth. Hence follow the editing & proofreading tips above and submit a polished essay for your next assignment.


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