A Bad Review Of Cheap Deals Website

cheap deals website

A Bad Review Of Cheap Deals Website




As a freelance writer, I have worked with many organisations, and I can say that I will forever regret working with https://cheapdeals.store as website or online store. I am going to use this website to explain what happens between me and their employee Kon who happens to be their image-maker. This screwed individual is fond of duping freelance writers and that is why everybody has to avoid him like a plague. They are fond of duping writers and getting free articles to their website. That is why I think no individual should ever deal with them.


cheap deals website

Sometimes, early this month, I was using Facebook Group to find new jobs online and I came across Kon who advertised that he needed a writer who can do Amazon reviews. The writer is expected to write one article a day for thirty-day and I agreed to take up the job. 


One thing I first noticed about Kon was lack of communication and I had a premonition that I might not be paid at the end of the day. 


Fast forward to today 28th January 2021. We had written 25 articles so far and it remains just five articles to complete the assignment and receive $150 for the month of January. My partner told me that Mr Kon changed the structure of the article and he now has to write an article of about 1500-2500 word. I decided to take this up with Mr Kon and I got the greatest surprise of my life when Mr Kon told me he will not pay me for the job I have don. He even referred to me as a terrorist. 


I decided to do this post because of other Freelancer who might fall into his tribe. If you are dealing with Mr Kon or the organisation he represents https://cheapdeals.store and their other affiliated websites, you are doing so at your own risk. I will not want to assume all Asians are bad but Mr Kon is a bad example. Although he succeeded in blocking me and deleting some of our conversations, I will still post some of our conversations. 


if you look at this snapshot below, Mr Kon apologised for his action, but that was not genuine. He even deleted all of our previous conversations and pretended as if nothing ever happened. 

cheap deals fraud

Another drama from Mr Kon…

cheap deals fraud

Another pretence from Mr Kon He.

cheap deals fraud

cheap deals fraud


Also, I searched from Facebook to get some facts about Mr Kon He the scammer, this is what I could find.

cheap deals fraud

Please if you have ever fall victim of these writing job scammers, tell me in the comment box. 


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.




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