Unknown Facts About Content Curation In Marketing

Unknown Facts About Content Curation In Marketing

Unknown Facts About Content Curation In Marketing



Content curation in marketing is the seeding of third party relevant content aligned with your business proposition that helps amplify your objectives but also increase efficiencies within your content mix.

Once you have identified the best publications from which to curate content, you can begin to learn more about your target audience and the kind of content they most engage with. Do this by experimenting with the different content formats and topics you curate; this is also a great way to ascertain where you should focus your efforts when creating content yourself.

Make sure to provide your own take on any content you curate by adding some additional insight, an opinion or some context. In this way, even though you may not have created the content yourself, you’re still establishing yourself as a source of knowledge.

And don’t forget to be selective about what you curate. You’re trying to showcase your thought leadership, so pick high-quality content that reflects well on your personal brand and adds genuine value to your target audience.

Unknown Facts About Content Curation In Marketing

Content curation and creation have various benefits and limitations. Creation is the unique generation of owned content. Curation is the usage of the third party created content with added insight to further your positioning.

A good content strategy should have a mix of both types of content.


  • Using aligned 3rd party content: check your sources to make sure they’re truthful and reliable
  • Addition of commentary: add your two cents and value or comment on the curated content
  • Lower resource investment: it’s less time and money by leveraging existing content
  • Limited ownership: you need to credit the original source
  • Community input: great potential to engage your community with their content


  • Original content: nowhere else on the web
  • Higher resource investment: it takes more money and time to produce
  • 100% ownership: you have full control of the content
  • Credibility: as it’s original and controlled there’s greater credibility with online audiences

The benefits of content curation include:

  • Makes your company/brand appear less promotional
  • Makes your audience like you more
  • Generates overall goodwill across social channels
  • Positions your company as an industry leader

Today we have influencers; in the past we had other curators who knew the right sources to share with the masses, in places such as libraries, museums and universities.



Today there are five types of curated content:

Aggregation: consists of curating the most relevant content about a topic into one single location. This is the most common form of curation and the basis of most content curations services available for use or purchase.

Distillation: takes the overall “noise” about a topic and reduces it to its core concept. The best cases of social content curation can be catalogued into this definition.

Elevation: happens when curators draft a more general insight or trend from a large amount of daily content.

Mashups: merge different content about a topic to create a new original point of view.

Chronology: is historiographical content curation. Typically, this method consists of presenting a timeline of curated information to show the evolution of a specific topic.



There are a number of methods you can use to curate content:

  • Content Websites: Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Storyful, Pinterest are vast libraries of content perfect for curation with accreditation. Make sure to specify your interest sets to tailor your content needs. Some of the content on these sites will carry a licensing cost though.
  • RSS Feeds: Rich Site Summary is a format for delivering regularly changing web content straight to your inbox. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS Feed to whoever wants it. Subscribing to relevant RSS feeds can keep you up to date and relevant with content to curate.
  • Email notifications: set up Google Alerts for specific topics and keywords to identify when new content is created in your industry.
  • Social listening: designate a search stream on platforms like Twitter to be listening for keywords or phrases to look for new relevant content.


Content websites you can use to curate content include:

  • Reddit: comprises of message boards of content themed and grouped together submitted by the public. These are then upvoted or down voted based on the audience interest in the topic or the content. A lot of content that eventually goes viral starts its life off in Reddit. There is a lot of content on the platform though so it does take some time to filter.
  • Stumble Upon: StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that provides a handy browser extension that archives content recommended by your peer group and specified through your interest sets. Clicking the stumble button randomly generates these for you.
  • Pinterest: a global content curation network; users create ”boards” that are focused on specific themes and add content to them from around the web from videos to articles and imagery. These boards are then searchable by keyword and curator. The platform is launching shoppable pins but this is in early stages at present.
  • Storyful: Storyful is a business which identifies high potential user-generated content and buys it directly from the users. It then sells on this content to third-party publishers for license fees. For example, Mary creates a funny video of her cat and posts it to Facebook. Storyful spot this content through their content detection tools and reaches out to Mary to purchase the content. Mary’s video gets added to the Storyful database for content marketers and publishers. Whiskas cat food spots the content and purchases it from Storyful and uses it in a content marketing campaign.
  • Digg: is a website that bills itself as ”the homepage of the internet”. Their aim is to showcase the most shared and talked about content on the internet regardless of topic in one place. Content can be filtered by Articles, Videos, News, Entertainment and Long Reads.


RSS Fields

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and is a great way of having summarized content sent directly to your inbox negating the need to visit lots of websites a day to see what content people are talking about. Some great RSS feeds include:

  • Feedly: a news aggregator available as an app for iOS and Android, also available to use in native web application
  • FeedSpot: allows users a composite view of content from their predetermined websites all in one place
  • BlogLovin: specifically for blog content, review in one easy to use dashboard once you’ve specified which blogs to follow.


Email Alert

Email alert tools for curation include:

  • Google Alerts: users can set up search keywords or terms using this free service to identify content, articles or comment for content curation ideas across the web or from specified websites
  • Kantar provides media monitoring across online and the entire broadcast range behind paywalls. The service can be expensive, however, as the price is dictated by volume

Bing News Alerts: can be used to track key topics or phrases of interest by setting up Bing News alerts to highlight results within the platform’s news content.


Social listening Tools

Some tools to help you conduct social listening can be seen here. They vary on ability but one important fact is that you’ll only get out of them what you put in. So take the time to learn how to use them efficiently to get the content you need. It’s important to trial a number of social listening products until you determine the right one for you.

  • Talkwalker: claim to be the only solution capable of tracking online, social, broadcast, and print conversation about specific brands, businesses and verticals in one place. The tool is capable of looking back at historic data, accommodates 187 languages worldwide and has image recognition ability to identify mentions in non-verbal communications e.g. images or video.
  • Mention (formerly Social Mention): is a social and online listening tool that allows you to monitor and track your business and vertical across open social networks, forums and blogs. The tool can also help identify industry influencers, track your share of voice versus competitors and give you further insight into your social audiences.
  • HootSuite: can be set up to track brand or keyword mentions across the social web from public accounts. You can also set up streams to monitor competitor activity or track influencer conversations.



When choosing content curation tools, it’s worth considering if they are:

1.Customizable: how much freedom do you have to use the content? Some content may be for editorial usage only and not used to promote or market a business. Other content may have more relaxed usage policy. The onus is on the content curator to check the usage policy and abide by it.

2.Trusted: how factually correct and accurate is the content you’re curating? As soon as you share it with your audiences you’ll be held accountable for the truthfulness of the content so always consider the credibility of third party content before sharing it.

3.Cost: some content carries a license fee for curation. Make sure it’s worth the investment before sharing.


Best Practices

Best practice guidelines when it comes to content curation:

  • Verify the publisher and content are factually correct and from a reliable source
  • Check that it aligns to your business goals
  • Be sure you can add insight and mix it with your original content
  • Always credit the original content creator and link back to their original publication
  • Don’t just duplicate content you’ve found elsewhere


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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