Unknown Facts About Social Listening In Content Writing

Unknown Facts About Social Listening In Content Writing

Unknown Facts About Social Listening In Content Writing



It isn’t enough to have a snapshot in time. Listening tools may only give you hashtags and content insights from a short, recent period of time. If you want to get to know your audience and competitors, you will have to engage in active listening over a period of time.

It’s important to note here that you shouldn’t focus on what your audience is saying about your brand or even competitors. You are looking for what matters to them in order to facilitate a more personalized engagement.


The Benefits…

Before setting up a social channel for your brand or business, it is a wise endeavour to conduct a period of social listening in advance.

This will help you in three key ways.

1.Identify opportunities to leverage for your brand: it will help you identify any opportunities or platform usage that you can leverage for your brand rather than just “picking it up as you go along”

2.Spot potential risks or threats to your brand: you can spot any potential risks or threats to your brand by monitoring how the platforms are used, for example, the lack of age gating for content on Snapchat might pose a problem if you’re an alcohol brand who has to conform to over 18s or 21s marketing rules

3.Understand brand & business position on different platforms: finally, you can understand how brands and businesses fit into the ecosystem of each platform, for example, Facebook brand pages work better to engage with consumers rather than Facebook personal profiles for a brand


It’s important to note that social listening has its limitations based on how open the social networks are with their access to social listening tools.


Some social listening tools include:

1.TalkWalker: monitoring of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and 150m websites.

2.Social Mention: shows detail on strength, sentiment, passion and reach. Displays keywords, hashtags and sites.

3.Hootsuite: one of the best free tools monitoring Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress. It also has a very useful weekly reports feature.


Now Competitor Analysis…

Conducting regular competitor analysis will help your content strategy in a number of ways:

  • You may spot gaps in messaging that your competitor hasn’t picked up on that your audience is consuming
  • By identifying what type of content is working well for their audiences, you can establish a profile of what will work well for yours
  • Watch how they use new formats and how you might adopt and improve their usage in your own content
  • Avoid any embarrassment or similar messaging by having a different approach to content themes or ideas.

Conducting a competitor content audit in addition to reviewing your own content will assist in defining and refining your content strategy.

Keeping an eye on competitor campaigns can help you adapt and respond with your content. It can inform the content and platform choice by analysing the sentiment from audiences towards competitor content and avoid any embarrassment for your brand. It’s also good to benchmark times of the year when they are in campaign to help inform your content schedule.

Be aware that competitors will be monitoring your content too, so don’t give too much away e.g. content results that aren’t visible to the public in the content you seed out. For example, if you’re planning on trialling a new innovative format or trying to secure a sponsorship with an event, make sure to keep information on social platforms limited as your competitor could identify your intentions and beat you to it by launching before you or securing a sponsorship ahead of you.

Always be aware that the content you create is viewable by anyone (including your competitors) and that you should factor that into your content messaging.

Unknown Facts About Social Listening In Content Writing

Here’s a screenshot of free tool Tweetdeck that can be used to monitor a competitor’s usage of Twitter. You can define search streams for their proactive messaging or hashtag campaigns, their user mentions and any untagged mentions of their products or campaigns.

Using the navigation panel on the left, the menu item “Add Column” can be used to add additional workstreams to your horizontal view including content from:

  • User Content: seeing all the content and activity posted by a user
  • Notifications: all the notifications associated with your linked account
  • Search: content phrases or keyword search within the newsfeed
  • Lists: content from specified users
  • Scheduled: your scheduled content
  • Messages: your private direct messages
  • Trending: top trending stories in your country




Here’s a screenshot of paid tool TweetReach that can be used to measure the usage and reach of a competitor’s hashtag. This is a useful way in determining the success of a competitor’s campaign without having access to their insights panel.

Let’s go through each section to learn how you can glean insights into competitor activity:

A.Search Query: search for any username or term – hashtags, phrases, keywords, URLs and more

B.Reach: the size of the potential unique audience

C.Exposure: the total number of potential impressions for the tweets in your report

D.Tweet Activity: summary of the tweets in this report, including a timeline of tweet volume

E.Tweet Types: breakdown of the types of tweets in this report (tweets, retweets and replies)

F.Top Contributors: the top three participants in this report, based on exposure, retweets and mentions

G.Top Tweets: the three most retweeted tweets in your report

H.Contributors: a full list of all participants in this report, including details about their contributions

I.Tweets Timeline: a full transcript of all tweets in your report including timestamps in UTC.



Buzzsumo is a paid for platform that allows you to assess content that’s being shared across the web including an analysis within your vertical and identify competitor activity.

As per their own software statement you can:

  • Identify which types of topics and content formats people love to share amongst your target audience
  • Discover catchy headline formats that work and the influential authors to work with or curate content from.


Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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