10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Hosting

10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Hosting

10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Hosting




It is very common to human nature to like free things. I know it is very possible that you as a person like free things but when it comes to hosting your domain, you need to avoid hosting your site on a free hosting site. In this article, I want to talk about ten good reasons why you should avoid the free hosting sites. Before that, there is one impression I would like to correct. Some have said that you should set up a blog when you are not gainfully employed, that notion is wrong. You need money to run a successful blog. If you do not have money or you are a struggling guy, you cannot go far in Blogging. I stand to be corrected.


Here are the reasons to avoid free hosting blogging like a plague…

#1 Lack of customer support

One of the very first things that you will notice when you are using a free hosting site is that you are actually on your own. There are many challenges that you will face when it comes to cpanel and hosting as well as submission of your website to search engine, I doubt if you will be able to address some of these challenges on your own.


You really need some external support from experts. You will not get that expert support if all you are relying on is free hosting.


You are absolutely on your own!

#2 More downloading time

You will also notice that when you are relying on a free hosting service, the bandwidth that will be allocated to you will be very limited. You will not have much of their resources committed to your online business. If you want your visitors to be able to download files on time, you need to really open your purse and pay for reliable hosting. It is as simple as that.


#3 Invasive advertisement

Another major challenge that you will have when you are using free hosting that you will have a lot of invasive advertising on your web page. This will actually affect the customer experience on your website. You will not have control over adverts from the owner that is coming to your website. They will tell you that you need to pay for hosting before such adverts are removed.


#4 Limited Storage Space

There was a time in my blogging career that I actually tried to use free website hosting when I could not afford to pay for normal web hosting. Then I have had over 500 articles on my blog. I was able to successfully upload my contents. To my amazement on the second day, the account went offline. It was so frustrating. I think I need to repeat the advice I gave the other time for upcoming bloggers. If you cannot afford to pay for hosting for a long time, you should start with a Blogger.com account. When you use free hosting, the storage space that will be allocated to you will be very limited.


#5 Unsecured server access

Also, you should know that when all that you are relying on is free website access, you are likely to experience unsecured website access. It will be easy for a third party to access your website because your website is not secured. At times, when a breach happens, you cannot query the hosting company for a breach of data. You are practically at their mercy. You are not paying them in the first place.


#6 Limited type of files

Also, you need to know that if you go for the option of free website hosting for your online business, there is a limited type of file that you are allowed to post on your website. This will not allow you to serve your customers because they have complete control over what you can post on your website. This can be frustrating to you as the owner of such a website. It is not advisable to consider starting your Blogging career with a free hosting platform.


  #7 Limited Advertising revenue

Also, you need to understand that when you are using free hosting, there is a high tendency that you are going to experience limited advertising revenue. There are also going to limit the type of ads that you can place on your website. This will definitely limit the type of ads that you can place on your site. You cannot place direct ads and you cannot use Google AdSense among other options that you have.


#8 No guarantee longevity and availability

Also, just like I said earlier, the hosting company can decide to take off your website from their radar at any time. Since you are not paying for the service, you cannot really beat your chest that the website will always be available, you are practically at the mercy of the hosting company. The only thing you can do to guarantee the longevity and availability of the service is to pay for the service.


#9 Search engines ignore you

If you are using a free hosting service to host your website, you can never rank of search engine. You cannot even submit your website to Bing or Google Search Console. Your website will be ignored. Therefore the tendency of your website coming up on the Search Engine Result Page is very minimal. It is also going to be a subdomain which will make the website unnecessary longer and your audience will find it difficult to remember your domain name.


#10 Overcrowded server

Also, even if the hosting company wants to render “excellent service”, they will not be able to do because their server is overcrowded. It is only companies like Google and WordPress that can offer such excellent services because they have a variety of websites where your services can be hosted. Asides from those two, you are going to experience intermittent services if you are using any other free hosting service platforms.


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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