“Blog Link Exchange Might Never Be Permanent ” – HUZAIFA

Blog Link Exchange


“Blog Link Exchange Might Never Be Permanent ” – HUZAIFA


In this personality interview, Huzaifa a renowned Youtuber and Digital Marketer bare his mind on the controversial issue of blog Link Exchange among other topics. Read the excerpt in this interview.


CEHNIGERIA: Can I meet you proper. Who are you?

HUZAIFA: My name is M.Huzaifa.I am a Digital Marketer, Website Developer, Blogger, Youtuber and a Content Creator. Huzaifa Facebook: or you could visit my Portfolio. I am running an SEO agency called the Glisten SEO.


CEHNIGERIA: That’s good to hear. For how long have you been a Digital Marketer?


HUZAIFA: From last month and thanks to God I have got soo may order on fiver but my 1 account suspended me on Fiverr someone reported it and that’s it.


CEHNIGERIA: If I understand you perfectly, you started Digital Marketing last month?



CEHNIGERIA: So. What do you think Digital Marketing is all about. Why should a blogger hire you for their Digital Marketing jobs?

HUZAIFA: A Blogger should hire me to increase there ranking in search engines.


CEHNIGERIA: Is it that they cannot do that on their own?


HUZAIFA: some people hire me to do guest posting and for creating backlinks etc which boost their web authority.


CEHNIGERIA: You said your account was suspended. How did that happen?


HUZAIFA: I was getting so many orders from two weeks, suddenly next morning when I open Gmail I get to know my account is suspended but I never lose my motivation I created another account but now I think that my motivation is between  I never gonna lose my motivation.


CEHNIGERIA: Thanks so much. I won’t ask a question. Is it good to exchange links in order to boost ranking?

Blog Link Exchange

HUZAIFA: some people say that it is maybe it is but I think we should go for getting quality backlinks because if we exchange with someone we don’t know that he would be permanent or not maybe in future he removes our links.


CEHNIGERIA: So, you don’t think Google penalises because of link exchange?


HUZAIFA: Sir, I really don’t like exchanging.


CEHNIGERIA: Finally, what advice do you for bloggers put there?


HUZAIFA: Focusing on their content. create quality content.


CEHNIGERIA: Thanks for your time.


HUZAIFA: Can I ask something


CEHNIGERIA: what’s the purpose of all this?

HUZAIFA: It’s to network with other bloggers out there and create backlinks for them from my blog.

CEHNIGERIA: Thanks for your time.



Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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