Components Of Functional Requirements For Projects

Functional requirements for projects

Components Of Functional Requirements For Projects


In my previous article, I have talked about some of the facts that you need to know about business requirements for projects. In this article I want to look at components of functional requirements for projects.


Functional requirements are project requirements that detail the desired functionality , capacity , or capability expected from the project.


While the business requirements document answers the questions of what continuous a project makes towards the business of the organisations, the functional requirements document specifies


Functional requirements for projects

Typical example…

In an e-commerce scenario, the VP of Sales and Marketing called all the sides and marketing managers to a planning meeting to determine what will be needed in order to reach the stated goal of 30 percent improvement in sales productivity . Here is an example of what the functional requirements document will look like:


  • The protest and customer contact process and the proposal process are both in need of improvement .
  • The current response time on key OT systems has to be improved because even simple queries take several minutes to complete.
  • The sales team currently has a limited capability to do email and fax blasts in support of active promotions. The current system also lacks the ability to keep detailed record of phone, email, and fax communications for each client. Finally, the sales team lacks the ability to track the sales in their pipeline. This means that forecasts must be created in a time consuming , manual process.
  • The response time for any system will have to be less than 15 seconds for simple queries and less than 2minutes for complex queries.
  • The new capability is needed as soon as possible, bit should not take longer than six months to be completed.


The components…

The functional requirements document should have, at minimum six elements…


#1 Key business process

One of the components of functional requirements document is the identification of key business processes for the project. They need to know the practical steps that must be taken as well as some deliverables that must be present before the project objectives can be achieved .


#2 Existing functionality

There is a need to also identify the existing functionality , capacity , or capability that will be improved or removed should be outlined. Before you start thinking of new features that can be added , you need to know the existing features and capabilities that are available.


#3 New functionalities

After you might have identify the existing functionalities that are needed , you need to decide on new functionalities that are needed. You also need to decide whether the new functionalities will not disrupt what is already on ground.


#4 Desired time frame

The document also have to look at the desired time frame within which the functionality , capacity ,or capability is expected must be specified. The drafters of the document need to determine how long it will tales to have the deliverables in place. They also need to ensure that the timelines are maintained.


Another examples…

Many time a laundry list of desired features is offered as a requirement document. Let’s stick with our example of the Sales department seeking to improve productivity. Suppose several sales managers got together to look at software packages at various trade shows and found a great Sales Force Automation package that had many features .


They all liked the interface and found the package appealing. In order to steer the decision toward this particular package, they construct a functional requirements document that comes, almost word for word , from the features and benefit page of the products brochure .


The marketing managers did exactly the same thing with their favourite CRM package and submitted their requirements from the features and benefits page of a product brochure.


In this case, the VP of Sales and Marketing has been given requirements documents that only reflect the capabilities of various software packages, but do not online what the department really needs to each the stated goals with increased productivity.



Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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