Components Of Project Staffing Management Plan

6 Major Components Of Project Staffing Management Plan

6 Major Components Of Project Staffing Management Plan

In my previous article, I have looked at some of the facts that you need to know about the Responsibility Assignment Matrix for projects. In this article, I want to talk about networking and project staffing management plan. Let us look at that together in this article.



Networking is a technique that is used during human resource planning. It helps build an excellent rapport with the agencies, internal and external, to know their readiness, willingness and bandwidth to provide resources. It also helps in understanding the interpersonal relationships among stakeholders.


Efficient networking involves understanding the political and interpersonal factors in an organization that influence staffing management. Use of human resources network activities, such as proactive correspondence, informal conversations, luncheon meetings, and trade conferences, will help you obtain the best resources for the project team.

6 Major Components Of Project Staffing Management Plan

Networking also enhances the professional project management practices of a project manager at different places of a project.


Typical example…

You are the project manager for the Paradigm Shift Project, and you report to the Director of the project office, Susan Long. This is an internal project at Fourth Mouse Consulting, to revolutionalise work through business process reengineering across all departments of the organization.


You and Susan worked out the charter and are now focusing on the resources required to provide a high-level budget. You identified the functional areas where you will need resources. You and Susan started interacting with the functional departmental heads. It is your rapport, which was built over a period of time, which helped you and Susan get connected with them. You asked them to earmark some resources, which you may require, and they agreed to do so.



Staffing management plans…

A Staffing management plan forecasts what types of staff will work on a project, when they will be needed, how they will be recruited, and when they will be released from the project. Depending upon the project requirements, the staffing management plan may be formal or informal, exhaustive or brief. The plan is a subsidiary plan to the human resource plan and is an important input during the human resource planning process.


Typical example….

To coincide with the company’s 100th Anniversary, the CEO decided to document the company’s growth and evolution. The staffing management plan for this project will stipulate external resources with expertise in writing, designing, printing, and publishing but it will also include internal resources with specialized knowledge about the company history.


The staffing management plan will identify who will be needed to help with the book, when they will be needed, what they will be expected to contribute and how long they will be expected to participate.


Staffing management components…

#1 Staff acquisition  

When planning resources, you have to consider whether you will use team members from within the organization or from external sources, the costs associated with the level of expertise required for the project, physical location of resources, and the amount of assistance that can be provided by other departments for the project management team.


#2 Resource calendars

The staffing management plan details the time frame required for a project and for each project team members. Optimizing the use of resources on a project will help finish the project on time and within budget.


Use of human resource charting tools, such as resource histograms, can help illustrate the number of hours that a person, department, or entire project team will need for each week or month over the course of the project.


#3 Staffing Release Plan

This has to do with developing a plan for releasing resources which help controls project costs by using team members’ expertise or skills as and when they are needed.


Planning for staff release also allows a smooth transition to other projects and the migration of human resource risks that may occur during the final stage of the project.


#4 Training needs

A training plan can be developed for team members who need to improve their competency levels or who may need to obtain certifications that will benefit the project.

#5 Recognition and rewards

This has to do with creating incentives for meeting milestones or other project deliverables which can have a positive impact on team members’ morale. An effective recognition plan rewards team members for meeting goals that are under their control.


#6 Compliance

If the contract requires compliance with government regulation or other standards, this should be stipulated in the staffing engagement plan for the project.


#7 Safety

These projects where specific safety precautions must be taken, such as on construction sites or nuclear power plants, can have documented policies and procedures for the protection of team members. These procedures should also be documented in the risk register.



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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