Comprehensive Review Of SeoPoz Analytics Tools


Comprehensive Review Of SeoPoz Analytics Tools


For any website owner and online business professionals, data has always been an issue. When it comes to search engine optimization, we have always wanted to know how we are performing as far as our keywords are concerned. I can boldly tell you that I have not found a website that makes all data available in one place as SeoPoz. In this article, I want to take the time to analyze the SEO tool to your delight. 


First and foremost, unlike other SEO tools out there, SeoPoz analytical tool has one singular mission of giving you more insights about your website data that are available on Google Search Console. Many of the so-called SEO experts have made it clear that you can actually catapult yourself to the front of the Search Engine Page if you can pay more attention to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can discover your ranking pages and see how you can boost conversion rate by knowing the pages that people are visiting and the keywords that are bringing them to your site. 


Before, we see that the option is only available to the Gurus, who are able to capitalize on this option. With the coming of SeoPoz, newbies and experts alike can now act in a more professional way. Let us now look at some of the features of this powerful SEO tool. 


Big Data Analytics

Apart from the fact that SeoPoz has a simple interface, it also gathers all the data without wasting much time. I have used SEO tools that you will have to wait for hours before they will now send you a mail that your report is ready. So, one of the very first things that I noticed about this website is that as soon as you connect your Google Search Console, the data are made available to you. 


This does not happen even with Google Analytics. In SeoPoz, you are welcome with all the data and charts that tell you the number of clicks, impressions, top-performing pages on your website among others.

seopoz analytics tools

Coupled with the fact that you have your data almost immediately, the keyword menu on SeoPoz allows you to know the performance of each of the keywords that your website has been ranked for. The keywords in question are also colour-coded for easy recognition of the trends of these particular keywords. It has the colour red and black. The red colour obviously shows that the keyword in question is losing relevance on the search engine. 


Having this information at your disposal can allow you to dig into those keywords and see what you can do to reverse the negative trend. To me, it would make a lot of sense if you can actually compare your keyword performance with that of your competitors. Obviously, on second thought, that may not be necessary. We already have other tools that can handle that.


In addition to keyword performance statistics that can be done on SeoPoz, they also have provision for keyword watchlists. This allows you to monitor some keywords that you want to rank for. This is a good tool that allows you to do all you could to rank for those keywords and monitor your progress as well. 


The obvious issue here is that this may not be suitable for large organizations that wanted to monitor a large number of keywords at once. One should be able to upload a CSV or excel file. This will enable users to upload a large number of keywords at once. 


The option also allows you to set up an email report or download a PDF report for the keyword performance. This will be very handy for agencies that are monitoring keywords on behalf of their clients. It actually makes reporting much easier for such agencies. 


Page Column

The page column also comes in handy when you need to know how each of the pages on your website is performing. This information is drawn from your Google Search Console. I must say that, in this regard, SeoPoz offers more insight on the performance of those pages on search engine than Google Search Console which only present a few pages in the reports. If you actually scroll down, you will see that there is no page on your website, in the relation search engine that is not captured. 



I cannot believe my eyes when I checked out the subscription fee for this powerful SEO tool. Unlike other tools that look so complicated with their features, a premium plan for SeoPoz is just @10 per month while the Standard plan has a $5 per month price tag. The major difference is that for the Premium plan, you have access to the following: 50 projects, 500 tracked keywords, keyword traffic report, unlimited, pages traffic report, keyword search volume, weekly SEO traffic report, daily keyword ranking changes among others. If you will ask me, for someone that sees content marketing as a business, this is not too much to pay for this vital information. 


I also took the time to check out the Affiliate Program which allows you to introduce your friends to this platform and earn some cash. You are paid a 30% commission when subscribers that you introduced to the platform decided to upgrade their accounts. It is also very easy to sign up and start earning on this platform. I will suggest that the organization should come up with Banner Ads which will allow more website owners and bloggers to spread the Good news. 



We all know the capabilities of Google Analytics. I can only imagine if this tool has access to data available in Google Analytics. It will really be a blast. Although I can see numbers and chats in the background showing me some charts about my website performance, the only minus here is that the popup that asked me to link my Google Analytics refused to go away after I have performed the operation. I know this can be addressed. Nevertheless, given the necessary publicity, I believe SeoPoz is out to shake the Digital Marketing and Analytics table. I can boldly say that if used religiously, this tool can rewrite your blog or website story. 



As a Customer Relationship Management expert and Digital Marketer, I strongly believe online businesses can boost their sales when they have more than one payment option. SeoPoz does that excellently well. You can pay with your card or with Paypal. Many payment methods are integrated into this platform to make it easy for customers to pay for their services.


The only issue here is that you cannot actually pay on a monthly basis, you to pay for subscriptions on a yearly basis. Aside from that, this powerful tool is good to go. 


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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