Unknown Relationship Between E-CRM And Automation

Unknown Relationship Between E-CRM And Automation


Unknown Relationship Between E-CRM And Automation





E–CRM in my own views technology – backed CRM it is the application technology in order to achieve CRM objectives. It allows the organization to deliver a wow experience, irrespective of the channel that the customer has chosen to interact with the organization

At the end of this article, readers should be to:

Discuss the role of e-CRM in Automation

Discuss the disadvantages of e- CRM

Role of E–CRM


  • Web Integrated CRM:

One of the basic roles of E – CRM is that it allows organizations to use the web in achieving CRM objectives  E – CRM ensure, that an organization is able to create a functional website which will have all the required and essential in formation that customers need in order to make the right decision.


  • Manner of operation

E – CRM is very much different from conventional CRM. In the traditional CRM, an organization is only concerned with  delivering a customer experience through “brick and block” but e – CRM open up channels through which the organization is able to reach out to their numerous customers and deliver customer experience to them



E – CRM is aimed at ensuring constant and increased interaction with their esteemed customers Here, the organization continue to strive to learn more about the customers by opening up channels through which the employees and customers can relate with each other and develop a profitable relationship. This will help the organization to meet customers at the right place with the right products and services.



E – CRM allow organizations to operate with their customers and gain customers from across the globe. In E – CRM, location of an organization is no longer a barrier as long they are able to meet up with their customer Deeds




E – CRM as I have rightly said, open up channels through which customer can interact with the organisation through E – CRM, the various channels that the organization have can be integrated into a web format which allows the organization to coordinate interaction across multiple channels I have discussed much CRM in volume one of this book. You can get a copy and read.

Unknown Relationship Between E-CRM And Automation


As useful as E – CRM is to CRM, one would beyond to wonder, does it suppose to have demerits but it has!


In organizations, most especially in our own part of the world where the use of the internet and application of technology through the world wide web is abysmally low, E – CRM seems to be non-existent. The organization might not able to derive the full benefits if customers cannot effectively access the information.


Implementation of E – CRM can also be affected by unreliable internet technology. At times there might be broken down or two performance of the service which the organization relied upon to reach their numerous customers, this mighty affect the effectiveness of ECRM technology it will also lead to something called “Mouse – click attraction” When you are embracing E – CRM and you don’t have the required organizational policy that will allow your organization to do business from customers’ perspective you should know that the next organization is a mouse click away. If an organization is relating with her customers across multiple channels and they now misbehaved, they are likely to lose their hard-earned online customers

I will not deceive you, e – CRM is very experienced to implement and maintained, that is why it will be very difficult for any organization to implement it successfully.



The sales department can use e – CRM technology to manage sales information as e – CRM offers a broad range of information about customers that helps in sales forecasting and other vital sales effort in any CCE

E – CRM also helps in fulfilling literature requirement this is done through customers filling an online form to get a particular form which will be mailed to them. It also helps customers to straightforwardly browse for information on the side or the requested information will be sent using an email platform.

It  can also be used for configuration of products online: This will help in saving time of the staff and increases order efficiency through configuring products online



E–CRM in making department helps in managing customers and prospects information. The marketing department can collect important information about customers and keep a track of customer behaviour and preferences Through a collection of data, they will be able to know what their customer have in common and use the information to meet customers at the right place with the right products and information.

E – CRM can also help an organization to come up with customized marketing efforts They can come up with marketing information that targeted browsers whosoever just looking for specific information and the solicited customer who purposely visited the Organisation’s website for information.



E – CRM provides applications that help in saving customer service representative’s time by assisting customers in handling issues that they can sort out themselves.

There is also the provision of online product registration which allows the customers to go directly to the company’s website and fill the product registration form after which a confirmation letter is sent to the customers in form of an email.

There is also the provision of online customer satisfaction surveys which can be posted on the company’s website or an email can be sent to the customers where they can express their interests.



E – CRM can help in improving pipeline management by checking various sales channels like direct, retail and online sales.

There is also the capability for online processing which allows customers and partners to place orders directly with the help of e – CRM and the information will be automatically recorded in the appropriate database.




At the end of this lesson, reader s have been able to discover that e – CRM applications can be deployed to marketing, sales, services and support and Account departments in any organization. Some of the capabilities include the ability to place an order online, management of customers and prospects information, data collection among others



This volume is written in loving memory of my best friend Seyi Motel and my amiable friend and Lectures Mr Joseph Vavrinek. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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