Evolution Of Contact Centre In CRM

Evolution Of Contact Centre In CRM

Evolution Of Contact Centre In CRM



When we talk about the evolution of contact centres, we are talking about ways by which organisations began to link stakeholders together in a web of networks which are meant to promote seamless communication among employees, customers, partners, suppliers among others.



At the end of this article, readers should be able to discuss the various stages of evolution of a customer-centric enterprise and the role that contact centres play in meeting the needs of customers across multiple channels

CRM initiatives you should know cannot thrive without a well-conducted enterprise communication.  There are some factors that normally drive the deployment of new technologies among Organisations.  Some of these factors include:


  1. The need to enhance business performance and the way things is been done. If not well-planned organisations that are not customers’ centred might not be able to utilize new opportunities in improving business performance.  It will also help them to increase customer loyalty and increase productivities in the organisation.

Evolution Of Contact Centre In CRM

  1. At times, an organisation might deploy new technology in order to ensure business continuity. The organisation has to do this in order to distribute enterprise functionality, ensure continuity in the availability of services that are germane to customers.  When customers failed to have access to services that are Germaine to them, they might be forced to join their customers’ lifecycle.


  1. The organisation might also deploy new technologies in order to reduce operational cost. Although at the initial stage, deploying new technologies might be very expensive but it will reduce the cost of doing business in the long run.  This will facilitate access to outsourced resources, leverage common infrastructures and management among others.


As an organisation begin to grow, there is a need for them to pass the right message to the right people, in the right place at the right time, using the right device.  For example, if you need to allocate lead to a particular partner who is very close to your potential leads.  In order to ensure this, the required solutions must address at least the following functional requirements through customer contact centres.

  1. A consistent user and customer experience when accessing communications services, regardless of the media or mode used.
  2. Mobility support for a user population that is increasingly on the go and working remotely
  3. Rapid creation and delivery of new applications and services to support new, dynamic business environments.
  4. Integration of applications into the heterogeneous environment of today’s enterprise, ensuring continuity of features and processes.
  5. Secured, worldwide distribution of information and services.

You should know that many organisations today, whether customer – centred or otherwise have resort to the use of contact centres as a means of giving their customers a know experience which has allowed them to retain their profitable customers and increase the profitability of their customers and increase the profitability of their customers.


The main purpose of establishing contact centres should be geared towards giving accessibility to the Organisation’s esteemed customers.  Many organisation have used the medium of the internet and other contact centres as a means of delivering value to customers anywhere and anytime.

Organisations today have to open up contact centres because they have realized that self-services could no longer meet up with the needs of an online customer.  The only means through which an organisation can support delivery across multiple channels is through the establishment of contact centres.


Customer contact centre span through the entire enterprise that is why the various departments in the organisation should be involved in its plan and implementation.  Organisations must deploy multi-channel customer support for e-commenrce and automating business processes.


NOTE:  The true strategic benefit of multi-channel strategy through contact centres can be derived only if the enterprise views the customer as a single account and manage the customer equally regardless of how they choose to contact a company.





At the end of this lesson we have been able to discover that:

  • Contact centres help in ensuring constant and reliable communication among all stakeholders in an organisation.
  • A functional contact centre ensures a consistent user and customer experience when accessing communication’s services, it ensures mobility support for a user population that is increasingly on the go and working remotely.
  • It also ensures a secured, worldwide distribution of information and services.
  • Contact centres help in delivering an enhanced customer experience that will result in increased satisfaction and greater profitability.
  • Contact centre planning and implementations should be the work of all the departments in an organisation.




As I have rightly said in the previous chapter that customer contact centres help an organisation to serve its customers from different perspectives and ensure that they have a now experience.  In this chapter, I want to look at the phases of development of contact centres from a product-centric enterprise through customer – centred enterprise through customer – centred enterprise.



At this phase, in the eyes of the management, they see the establishment of a contact centre as a necessary cost that needs to be born. They did not see any benefit that they could derive from it but it is just a way of ‘fulfilling all righteousness’.  The focus of the contact centre at this stage is to reduce costs and increase productivity in the organisation.


The main reason for establishing a contact centre at this stage is to improve the efficiency of the organisation and provide a way by which customers issue can be resolved.



At this stage, the focus of the top management is to have a potential profit centre.  They believe that through this contact centre, they will be able to transact business with their customers and increase their productivity.


The focus of contact centred at this stage is transitioning from a cost centre to a profit centre.  The organisation can now open up channels through which customers can have access to an array of products and services that customers crave for.



At this stage, the aim of the top management is to establish a contact centre that is strategic to customer relationships.   The organisation at this stage realizes that they need to open up contact centres in order to grant freedom to the customers and allow them to choose the channel through which they can relate with customers.


The focus of the contact centre at this stage is to change the contact centre from a cost centre to a profit centre.

The aim of the organisation at this stage is to generate revenue for the organisation and increase their profitability.



At this stage, the corporate view of the contact is that the contact centre is the company of the organisation.  They are the main reason why the organisation is existing.  To them no contact centre: no organisation.

The focus of establishing a contact centre at this stage is to prove transaction beyond the contact centre through the entire enterprise

The business objective of establishing contact centres at this stage is to optimize business communications.  At this stage, the organisation open up channels of interactions for their customers’ not with the sole aim of making profit but to allow their customers and stakeholders to interact across multiple channels.




At the end of this lesson we have been able to discover that:

  • There are four stages of development of contact centres
  • At the first phase, the organisation just establish contact centre because they see it as a necessity
  • At the second phase, contact centres are established with the sole purpose of making a profit
  • At the last phase, contact, contact centres are established because they are very germane. The organisations need to open contact centre in order to allow stakeholders to communicate across multiple channels.


Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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