Facts About Audience Research In Digital Strategy

Facts About Audience Research In Digital Strategy


Facts About Audience Research In Digital Strategy


Audience research is great for building key insights as it allows you to identify the specific interests, channels and demographic identities of your target audience. This information allows you to build a clear picture of your customer and understand their online movements and where you might reach them.


Developing specific insights into your target audience that guide your activities.


There are a number of tools that you can use to begin to identify specific insights into your target audience:

  • Facebook Audience Insights Tool: This tool is highly effective at looking at a specific demographic and their use of Facebook. This allows you to start to make assumptions based on your audiences’ interests (sports, beauty, fashion), location, device usage right down to how many ads your audience click on in a month (which shows how open they are to being served content in paid formats). This is accessed from your ads dashboard.
  • Twitter Audience Insights Tool: Has the same features as the Facebook Audience Insights tool. Access from within the ads platform.
  • Google AdWords: This is the platform through which search and display ads on Google are placed.
  • Google Consumer Barometer: A series of tools that Google deliver for marketers to gain more audience insights. They include:
  • Graph Builder: Insights about specific audiences on Google
  • Trends: How search is used over time
  • Audience Stories: Segment insights
  • Curated Insights: Charts and data about consumers

Facts About Audience Research In Digital Strategy

  • Google Keyword Planner: Google is often underestimated as a research tool. The Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for specific keywords relating to your business goals or audience. You can then see how those keywords are used in Google queries. What are your customers asking about your product? And how can you address it with content?
  • Brandwatch/Pulsar: Both are examples of social listening tools that can be used to track mentions of your brand, product or category online. They involve costs.

Writing audience personas can help you build your audience insight by seeing them as real people.

This is Trudy. Trudy is 30 years old and lives in the city. She is an accountant. She lives in a rented apartment with her boyfriend. Trudy likes sports, mainly tennis. Facebook helps her keep up with the latest Tennis Open results. She has plenty of discretionary income so she is a member of her local tennis club and tries to travel to Wimbledon each year if she can get tickets.


An audience persona is a clever tool for creating a story for your audience. Creating this persona allows you to easily put yourself in their shoes and often you’ll find you naturally begin to build on their story without specific data points – just based on starting to understand the ideal target audience. Make sure to give them an age, gender, interests, family, content choices, quirks, etc.



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