Facts About Display Strategy For Digital Strategy

Facts About Display Strategy For Digital Strategy

Facts About Display Strategy For Digital Strategy



Display advertising is the original form of paid advertising. It uses a number of different visual format sizes. These formats are delivered on websites both on desktop and mobile. The more diverse options are on desktop but mobile is a more dominant platform by users. IAB has agreed on standard creative formats that will offer the best introduction to the formats that are available in the link below.

Like search, Google have dominance in display advertising and both are predominantly driving the same action – clicks. Google Display Advertising allows you to upload your creative and choose how you want to target your audience e.g. interest, demographic, specific sites, etc.

 Display Advertising is primarily a reach and site traffic-driving tool but due to its visual nature, it can be utilized to drive awareness. The display is effectively used in partnership with an integrated digital approach alongside search and social.


Recently, display advertising has been challenged around brand safety. With online being an unimaginably large environment, it is difficult to police. This year display ads were being challenged as brands ads were being served on sites that were not suitable for the brand or alongside content that was misleading people.


Display media can be bought more traditionally by standard CPM or through more advanced programmatic networks. Programmatic Advertising is the automation of the buying and selling of desktop display, video, FBX, and mobile ads using real-time-bidding. Where certain site placements used to be bought, sold and placed by humans, now we are placing ads using automated bid systems. Programmatic utilises algorithmic bid systems to allow for ad placements to be bought in real-time. It allows advertisers to buy ads based on perceived behaviour targeting. It is a more efficient way to buy certain types of digital inventory.

Facts About Display Strategy For Digital Strategy

For example, Facebook Ads have been bought in programmatic systems since the launch of their self serve advertising platform.

A content strategy is a guide to how you create content, what content is written and what formats are selected that drive towards your successful outcomes. The content strategy should be built off of the overarching strategy.

The number one priority for your content strategy is to produce content that is consistently effective and builds the same behaviours with consistent audiences. From your overarching strategy, you can define what it means for content. Rewrite your content strategy to work towards the same goals outlined by your overarching strategy.

Strategy: Create a community of passionate brand advocates through inspirational storytelling.

Content Strategy: Deliver our product through exciting and aspirational content that encourages our customers to share products with their peers.

Strategy: Communicate with customers in unique and different ways that change perceptions of the brand.

Content Strategy: Deliver exciting content to our social audience in ways never seen before.


Planning is a key activity for all elements of strategy. This is no different with content. Content planning involves addressing all details of your content strategy that will help plan content from guide to implementation. What platforms will we operate on? How often will we post, tweet, Snapchat? What is our tone and personality? What is our core narrative and what stories are we telling? From this you create a format plan by platforms that details actual posts.

The key attribute of a content strategy is designing effective content and consistency is crucial for content. Too often brands bounce from stories/narrative without keeping a consistent story. A consistent storey creates a consistent response. Consistent response builds behaviour and perception of your brand with your audience.

A narrative or story is the core of what your strategy aims to build with your audience. Whatever your KSO listed in your strategy is, you should have a narrative that tells a story that will work towards your overall KSO.

Creating a format plan involves listing out all of the various formats you will aim to use and the various specifications that are required e.g. video, canvas, link embed ad. Content on your site should utilize as much dynamic content and text that is relevant to your brand. This will help build your SEO approach.


A format plan is a list of all the formats that you will be implementing and is necessary to ensure your creative formats are being developed to the required specifications. Developing a format plan allows you to completely understand the number of varying formats you will require. This is important as you head into creative development. Selection of formats should be related to what your KSOs are. Do you need people on your site? Talking positively? Engaging? Viewing Video? Converting to Sales?

Listing out all your channels, formats and your dimensions is a task which will indicate where you can be more efficient. Are there any wasted clicks in your format? Example, if ‘clicks to site‘ is your objective, formats like ‘photo image‘ will draw wasted clicks opening the image instead of clicking to the site. Link embed would be much more effective. If hashtag usage is a goal for your campaign, consider using ‘conversational ads‘ and using one hashtag in the copy.

At a later stage with media, you will need to determine how many channels you wish to support.


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I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.


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