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“How I Became A Millionaire Through Superlife STC 30”-Oke Olumide

” How I Became Millionaire Through Superlife STC 30


I have heard much about Superlife in the time fast. I remember there was a time that I met Mr Victor Ekutiyang.  He was one of those that brought Superlife to Nigeria. I was planning to work with him then . I was so serious then that I had to resign my job. Unfortunately, that idea did not work out.


I met Some Olumide when I returned back to Lagos . He was a very poor managing a room with his wife and two kids. I bet Superlife has changed that story now.


During the Corona Virus pandemic, my friend hit it big. He become a millionaire as he moved up the ladder in Superlife. In this personality interview,I will be discussing with him. I want him to tell us more about Superlife and how product marketing changed his story forever.


CEHNIGERIA: Who is Oke Olumide ?

OLU: Am Oke Olumide Oluwashola a native of Ekiti State from Ilejemeje local Government

I was giving birth in lagos brought and bred in Lagos state.

CEHNIGERIA: How was your growing up like? Are you from a rich family ?

OLU: It was so rough, am not from a rich family, not that my parent are poor, at lest We are still managing 😁

I am a Product of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. I serve in kebbi state, yauri.

After my service have being into networking business after my services inside of me waiting for Federal Government to get me a job i have being creating an opportunity to make it in life,but things are not working as my plan .

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Oke olumide

CEHNIGERIA: How did you get to know about Superlife?

OLU: I came accross this opportunity last year feb 2019 through a wonderful woman(Mrs Esther Akanbi) I remember that faithful day she called me that she want to attend a seminar at ikeja, main why I dont have one naira in my account to transport myself to ikeja from ayobo, she sent me transport to move down to ikeja. Immediatley i got there i saw the business as an opportunity to make it fast in Life. I key into the business because the compensation plan is more flexible.

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CEHNIGERIA: Many people hate network marketing because they feels that they can go through the stress , what is your take on this ?

OLU: You are right, when you  introduce networking marketing to People they will not allow you to finish net before working before running away from you.

Have learnt alot in Life ,when any opportunity is being introduce to you before asking How does it work First dive into it and from there u will learn How the business work.

SuperLife is different from any other business presented to me reason is that it has a products that will make grow in this business.


CEHNIGERIA: What is the difference between a Seller and a Distributor?

OLU: If am selling in this business do u think i will b able to make such land mark in this business. Introducing you into SuperLife as a Distributor have show you the way also to tell any one that want get the Product to become a Distributor so that you can enjoy in two ways in SuperLife.. Health and wealth

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CEHNIGERIA: You have not answered that question boss.

OLU: Seller are the People that just want to b selling but not doing the business.


CEHNIGERIA: Ok. Let’s focus on the product now. Why should anyone buy Superlife ~products~ ? What are the different types of products available for sale?

OLU: Taking SuperLife Product is saving alot of money also preventing yourself from unwanted sickeness.

We have different products from my wonderful company

SuperLife Golden coffee.

SuperLife does not ask you to be a seller ,you can come onboard as a Distributor.

A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

CEHNIGERIA: So, a distributor is just like a shareholder?

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OLU: Yes sir ….

CEHNIGERIA: How much do one need to be a Distributor. It must be a large amount ?

OLU: Dependingon your capacity. We have different packages as a Distributor

Star… N55,000
2packs will be given to to cover Up as the money u use to come up as Distributor

Supreme.. N220,000
8packs will be given to you.

Super package.. N550,000
20packs of the products of ur choice will be given to you depending on your choice.


CEHNIGERIA: Some christians believe Multi level marketing is evil. They felt that zeal should be used for evangelism. What can you say about this?

OLU: 🤣as we are evangelising for Christ We are also into networking business for chirst. Without networking in the church How can the members come to church ke mosque.

CEHNIGERIA: What advice do you have for youths waiting on government to provide jobs?

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OLU: With prayers, determination and focus.

CEHNIGERIA: Thanks for your time boss.

OLU: You are welcome sir.


If you would like to join Superlife or buy our products, make use of the contact form below.








Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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