How To Choose Branded Content Agencies: Keys To Choosing The Best One

Branded Content Agencies

How To Choose Branded Content Agencies: Keys To Choosing The Best One


There are tons of Branded Content agencies and it’s not always easy to choose the best one for your business. If your brand doesn’t have the reach you want, you should evaluate your inbound marketing strategy to find out what’s going on.



To make your job easier, here you will find tips for analyzing Branded Content agencies and finding out which one suits you best. Choosing the right agency will help you generate compelling content to convince your customers.




In these times when digital marketing is in full swing, it would be a big mistake not to use the techniques it offers to present the products and services your company offers. Commercial communication is becoming more and more necessary every day. Likewise, you need to innovate to reach your target audience.



While it may not seem logical, the purpose of Branded content is not to sell the product or service, but the brand that represents it. Simply put, your goal goes beyond selling. Its goal is to generate affinity, notoriety and brand presence. And this is what will define what the consumer prefers.



Benefits of branded content for your business

It is important to note that this method presents content that is relevant, funny, informative or interesting. But what stands out is that it doesn’t have an aggressive advertising aspect. This is because the intention is to convince the customer. We will show you some benefits that will make your brand popular:


  • Create engagement:creating valuable content, which has the ability to generate emotions in users; will undoubtedly help your brand connect with them. It is nothing more than building customer loyalty to your brand.
  • Greater interaction:Focus the strategy on various content that grabs users’ attention and allows them to interact.
  • Building your community:Undoubtedly, it is one of the primary keys to making customers trust your brand.
  • Get ambassadors:One of the benefits of branded content is that it manages to convince users to become ambassadors and fans of the brand.
  • Brand positioning:Make your brand stand out among others. In this way, people will feel identified with it and with the products and services it offers.

Social networks, the best allies


It comes as no surprise to anyone that social networks stand out among digital media for their high reach as they reach all kinds of goals around the world. It’s not just about having a presence on these platforms but about applying a marketing strategy that gives you the opportunity to reach your audience in an assertive way. We will show you two examples:



A.- Facebook strategy

Facebook allows you to work with all types of content. You can post videos, photos and texts that may contain more words than other social networks. These factors multiply your audience because they have more ways to like your brand.



But if you prefer some help, you better know how to choose Branded Content agencies. This will ensure the success of your brand so that it is recognized by more and more people.



Because as is clear, it is not about selling the product. It’s about positioning your brand .



B.- Strategy on Instagram

A good strategy for Branded Content on Instagram must undoubtedly be based on quality images and also on video. They can usually last between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. However, for larger (and verified) accounts, there is an option to upload videos that are up to an hour long.



The Instagram stories offer an extra because users are often careful. And even more so if they are fans of your brand. Also, they are used to make live video. An aspect that creates trust in the people who follow your company by making them loyal.



The visual quality of the publications is of utmost importance because it is what will convince the followers to follow your brand ; but for this to happen you need to know how to choose the Branded Content agencies that will be your faithful allies in marketing strategies.



Successful brands working with Branded Content agencies


Branded content can be the aspect you need to achieve the desired recognition and positioning for your brand. Prestigious companies recognized all over the world rely on this method. But if you still have doubts, we will introduce you to the brands that have achieved success thanks to these strategies:


1.- Volvo

This automotive brand has proven that experiences can be sold beyond the product. He did so with his appearance in the movie “The Route”, with Robert Downey Jr driving a Volvo, generating in the audience the emotion of wanting to relive that moment.


2.- Red Bull

This famous brand sponsored the leap from the stratosphere. This campaign has overcome the marketing barrier by making followers feel part of their actions and experiences .


Therefore, it is another example of the association of brands with actions or experiences that convey their values . Eight million viewers watched this incredible feat of Felix Baumgartner via YouTube live.


3.- Lego

The branded content model emerges in the Lego strategy after facing a major problem in the 1980s and 1990s. Back then, their products were easy to copy.


It is at that moment that the company decided that the best alternative was to build a strong and successful brand . Something that could only be achieved with a marketing strategy that organically attracted customers to their content.


4.- Coca-Cola

Just say the name to remember the campaigns of this brand. One of his most successful branded content campaigns was the cans with engraved names.


In this way Coca-Cola has attracted people through the emotional side making them feel individually important . Thanks to this aspect, the brand was able to obtain advertising through social networks for free, thanks to users who shared the product photo


Branded Content Agencies

5.- Kit Kat

The ways and means to present the strategies applied in the campaigns are different. And Kit Kat proved this by creating a Valentine’s Day app where couples measured their compatibility based on a Facebook data crossover in exchange for entering the raffle for a trip to Paris.


In this way the brand was able to underline the importance of providing the public with something that goes beyond a simple product . Indeed, it offered the opportunity to experience the brand’s benefits in everyday life.


The time has come to choose from all the Branded Content agencies


If you still don’t know how to choose Branded Content agencies, here you will find the aspects you need to consider when making this important decision.


Remember that the marketing strategy applied by the company you choose is the one that will define the positioning and recognition of your brand in front of a large audience. Pay attention to these tips:


  • Target analysis. Knowing the tastes and preferences of your customers is of great importance in developing a good strategy. Age and gender must also be taken into consideration when conducting this study. Therefore, the audience to reach is determined more clearly.
  • Empathy with the customer. The way you address the consumer is what will make them decide to bond with your brand ; that’s why when you establish a conversation with the user, you need to do it in a friendly, close tone that makes the customer feel special.
  • Attract gently. Remember that the purpose of Branded Content is to sell your brand and not the product. That is why the consumer should not assume that the content they receive is advertising. This means that the brand must be subtly integrated into the context so as not to disturb the customer.
  • Previous evaluation: itis necessary to test or check in advance the effects that the strategies designed by the branded content explainer animation video agency can generate, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
  • First of all the consumer: the techniques and tools used by agencies are not applied randomly because the idea is that they generate emotions and feelings in the user, that users can feel identified with your brand and that they do not see it as a simple advertising act.



Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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