Facts About Marketing Business With Social Media

Marketing Business With Social Media

Facts About Marketing Business With Social Media



The use of the internet and digitization has raised the significance and impacts of social media channels across the world. It is a one-stop destination for all age groups from kids, youngsters to elderly people by engaging with each segment of users with the content they prefer. 

This is one of the biggest advantages for all sorts of businesses if they use these platforms appropriately. So if you want to increase your business turnover and create an experience that becomes a brand in itself, use social media as a tool to market your business.



Following are a few tips for using the 5 most popular social media channels for promoting businesses.



It is a very good platform to tap elderly and old age people as they are the most frequent users. Engagements through pictures, videos and messages are the most common practices that take place on Facebook. To promote your business on this platform, paid advertising, engaging and funny content can be posted. 

Facebook analytics can be used to track the performance of each post, audience engagement, number of followers and sales generated through Facebook.

In fact, running paid ads on Facebook is the most effective way of marketing which drives positive results better than google ads or any other paid advertisements for that matter.

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and drive traffic for your business through Facebook. 


It is a platform majorly used by millennials by engaging through pictures. It is a very good platform especially to promote product-based businesses and entertainment services which can be easily promoted through professional photography, memes and visuals.

Instagram insights also help to track how many people visited your profile, likes, comments and engagement of the audience with posts and stories. It also gives recommendations on whom to follow on Instagram and which promotion to be used for different posts.

In fact, the newly introduced reels feature is becoming one of the most popular features of Instagram. To create engaging videos that catch audience attention and drive the much-needed traffic on your social media page and website.



It is a professional platform, unlike Facebook and Instagram where formal means of marketing can be used. It is a very good platform to recruit people, share the progress reports and key business activities.

 LinkedIn Page analytics is a good tool to track updates, interactions, likes and reactions of viewers on posts.

There are multiple features introduced by LinkedIn to engage youth and corporates to use this platform for establishing and expanding their professional networks. Tools like LinkedIn learning, sales navigator tools are very engaging and also helping businesses to generate leads for their business.



This platform is used to interact through blogs and messages also known as tweets. It is another professional platform to interact with highly influential people across the globe. Luxury brands are usually promoted by their employees through this platform.


Twitter Analytics is a key feature offered by Twitter that highlights top tweets, mentions and followers. It helps businesses to understand their post impressions and how to amplify their content for best performance.


 These analytics tools are very useful in knowing the performance of previous posts. It also suggests productive strategies to get maximum engagement and conversions online for future posts and interactions.


So now you are aware of these four amazing social media platforms that can help you diversify and promote your business among the segmented target audience. Make the best out of these platforms and surely it will benefit your business into leaps and bounds.


To make this impact even better and different from other players in the market, try to incorporate the element of regional language as a medium to tap your target audience. 

This method of using regional language will help to build trust among the target audience and touch their emotions directly. This technique will result in not just converting those potential customers into actual customers but to be more precise, loyal customers for your business.


So to implement this amazing approach to market your business, are you wondering about the ways to achieve it? 

Worry not, Bharat keyboard has designed an AI-powered Malayalam typing keyboard that helps you communicate with your target audience in Malayalam and Manglish language.


The Malayalam typing keyboard is the fastest and the most effective keyboard that can type your English message into Malayalam across any app or browser installed on your android devices. 


The Malayalam typing keyboard is a made in India software that protects your privacy and comes with a lot of exciting features. It has designed its own unique set of stickers and gifs that every Malayali can truly relate to. It does not just help the Malayalam speaking population to connect with each other but also helps the non Malayalam speaking community to learn this language with the help of a Malayalam typing keyboard. 

The Malayalam typing keyboard can be easily downloaded across all android devices and used across all apps by just altering a few keyboard settings on your device.


So what are you waiting for, make the best use of the Malayalam language, gifs and stickers across all social media platforms? This practice will connect your business with its target audience like never before and bring in the new wave of marketing.

For more exciting updates on regional keyboards, and exploring more features of the Malayalam keyboard, Manglish keyboard now and explore the world of marketing with the new Malayalam lenses like never before!



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