“Why Growth Hacking Is Better Than Digital Marketing”- Emmanuel

Growth Hacking


“Why Growth Hacking Is Better Than Digital Marketing”- Emmanuel


In this interview , Ojo Emmannuel , a Blogger and a Growth Hacker discuss some of the ways that Growth Hacking is better than Digital Marketing. Read what he has to say to the very end.


CEHNIGERIA : What’s your name

EMMANUEL: Ojo Mayowa Emmanuel

CEHNIGERIA: Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself?

Growth Hacking

EMMANUEL: I’m a growth hacker, with a bit of passion for public relations. I’m an experienced digital marketing specialist and with my trainings I have consulted for about 110 small businesses. I own a lifestyle blog and also run a digital marketing company in Lagos.

CEHNIGERIA: Can you tell us some of the organisations you have consulted for ?

EMMANUEL: My consultations has been majorly across different industries like Fashion, logistics, ecommerce, procurement/furniture, real estate etc.

CEHNIGERIA: Can you tell me what a Growth Hacker does ?

EMMANUEL: Marketing Growth Hacker is a marketing professional specialized in profitably scaling traffic via content and distribution channels.

A growth hacker’s main responsibility is to expand the development of a business intelligently and quickly.

This means doing whatever it takes—implementing marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns, SEO or emailing, data and traffic analysis, and product design such as adding a feature or improving customer experience.


CEHNIGERIA: What does it takes to become a Growth Hacker.


EMMANUEL: More than anything, growth hackers are self-taught web enthusiasts, the most-valued qualities are the right mindset and variety of skills.

Because of their backgrounds, growth hackers are versatile and creative, and possess excellent analytical and critical-thinking skills. More specifically, their technical skills in web development mean they can work independently, thereby reducing the cost of certain hacks by doing their own coding.


Finally, knowledge of marketing, SEO, content/community management, or project management are just a few of the tricks they have up their sleeves to rapidly increase the growth of a company.


CEHNIGERIA: Why is Growth better than Digital Marketing?

EMMANUEL: Growth hacking is a popular term, but many business owners are unclear about what it means and how it differs from marketing and digital marketing

Growth hacking and marketing share the same fundamental principles, and can even share the same metrics; increased engagement, increased conversion, increased retention. The key difference between the two is the scope of their goals.

A marketer could use engagement rate to analyse an overall goal of building brand awareness. A growth hacker, by comparison, could set a goal of increasing social sharing by 50%. To put it simply, marketing activities can have a broad focus that encompasses any part of the funnel, whereas growth hacking depends on setting highly defined, achievable goals in order to reach a specific, singular outcome… growth, in case it wasn’t obvious enough!

CEHNIGERIA: What is you blog address ?

EMMANUEL: www.bossmeek.com.ng

CEHNIGERIA: Your advice for upcoming bloggers

EMMANUEL: Just stay focused and consistent. Consistency with everytime.

CEHNIGERIA: Thanks for your time

EMMANUEL: I really appreciate the opportunity.



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