Smart Ways to Hide Cannabis Smell From Others

hide cannabis smell

Smart Ways to Hide Cannabis Smell From Others


The take on cannabis, especially marijuana, has seen a dramatic shift in the past couple of years. It has seen the light of legalization in many states, whereas the stigma around weed still persists. Your face might not reveal it but the pungent smell of weed gives you away. There are many ways to mask the odour of marijuana, whether you are smoking it, stashing or carrying it on you.

Read the following points to avoid the lingering smell of cannabis:



Let’s start with hiding the smell of stored cannabis. We will advise you not to use plastic bags as they are susceptible to tearing and do not conceal your product’s smell. The plastic bags are porous and can pull moisture out of your stuff, which makes it stale faster than you can imagine. Moreover, storing weed in such bags will also become prone to bacterial growth.

Glass jars are the best to store your cannabis. Glass is a natural material and will not have synthetic substances oozing into your product’s moisture. Also, you will not suffer from mouldy or bacterial problems with it.


These jars conceal the potent smell of marijuana and do not make your place smell like a dispensary. You can also get portable glass jars to carry your buds in a secured and odourless manner.


You can also avail of great packaging to protect the potency and efficacy of your product at



You can neutralize the smoke smell at home with the help of just a hot shower. Let the steam fill the room as you smoke your stuff out of the window. You can shower normally after smoking weed, as the scent of your soap, shampoo and steam nullify the pungent smell of weed.

Make sure that you have a fan in your bathroom for the circulation of air. No one will ever know that you just smoked one up in your room.

Similarly, you can always have a scented candle to balance any strong, stubborn odor of cannabis.



The smoke has a bad habit of clinginess, just like the first partner you made in your teens. It clings to whatever you are wearing along with your hands if you are smoking a rolled-up bud. You can always change your wears or wear a jacket or blazer to be secretive about your smoking endeavour.


It would be great if you do not put your changed clothes with the rest of them to avoid any sort of smell. For example, if you are smoking in your car with a jacket or a hoodie on, put it away in the trunk of your vehicle rather than the backseat. Likewise, keep it in your closet instead of on the hook near your entrance.

You have to be mindful of your clothes while smoking and get rid of smelling clothes.



Just like your clothes, your weed smoke can also linger on your fingers and breath. That is why you have to ensure that you are fulfilling your hygienic practices to avoid getting caught.

You can thoroughly wash your clothes, in the same manner, the World Health Organization (WHO) showed in the COVID-19 pandemic, or just a hand sanitiser, which is also very common in today’s time.

Furthermore, you can also use the smell of alcohol to mask the little smell of weed on your hands.

Moreover, you should either brush your teeth, chew a mint or flavoured gum or use a mouthwash to avoid making your smell stink like cannabis. In these times, you can also use the facemask to go unnoticeable.

Rest, you can use eye drops for your red eyes. These hygienic practices are essential to remove any sort of abrasive smell from your body.


It is not alien to people who smoke that the scent of marijuana will linger no matter where you are smoking, be it your office or bedroom, you and others can easily smell it. Fighting your smell with another smell is the best way to mask it. You can generally use perfume to avoid smelling like a high person.

There are also scented candles and incense available, particularly made to fight against such odours. But make sure you are getting a product that is not overpowering your weed but complementing its aroma. Trying too hard will obviously give you up.

It would be advised to buy pine or hops smelling products. You know you can also purchase weed-scented products.

Else, you can use some essential oils to combat it. They are a great choice as they purify the air in your environment, balances the substances and removes any promising toxins. You can get sandalwood, rosemary and such aromas.

These are a few ways that you can use to mask the odour of your psychoactive products.




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