Facts About Social Listening In Digital Strategy

social listening in digital strategy

Facts About Social Listening In Digital Strategy




In this article, I want to talk about all that you need to know about social listening in Digital strategy for digital marketing. First and foremost, please note that observing or collating live social conversations to derive insight from the language and topics that are appearing in conversation.

Although social listening is very effective, in order to be comprehensive, paid tools are required. If you don’t have access to paid tools, social listening can be achieved observationally when developing insights by searching keywords and making observational assumptions.

Just note that paid tools can go into incredible detail, looking at huge volumes of conversations. These large volumes allow you to make more accurate assumptions of insight into your audience. 


If you do not have the budget to avail of a paid tool, you can achieve social listening outputs through observational social listening. It will not be as accurate as of the tools you pay for. However, through observing how people use keywords, hashtags and tags you can develop hypotheses of behaviour.



Observe how your audience is talking about specific topics by utilizing keywords and observing how they talk. Are they happy or unhappy? Do they use specific emojis?



Through your own data, match your assumed insight to empirical data. If your consumers are happy about a product, you should see high engagement on that product’s content.

social listening in digital strategy

Here are 5 simple steps you can use to conduct your own social listening study:

1.Identify keywords: Identity commonly used keywords when discussing your brand, product or service.

2.Use social search: Search on social platforms to confirm these keywords are used by the consumer.

3.Check for additional keywords: Check for additional keywords the customer is using that you have not considered.

4.Identify trends: Identify trends in the subject, language or hashtags.

5.Establish insight: Gain insight from the customers’ challenges, experience with acompetitors, etc.



Plan of Action

Put all of your research and insights together and begin to understand what are the most interesting facts you have learned about your audience. You need to work with each piece of research collectively and identify key trends, patterns, insights and options in order to discover the biggest opportunities and routes to take with your audience.

Audience insights should be human insights. Facts about real people that help you to reach people with compelling messaging.


A brief is a collection of all of the information you have been working on. It details your discoveries through language instead of just numbers. It is from this brief that you identify the most important insights and understandings that will inform strategy. Writing a brief is important because it is essentially a series of instructions for strategy development. In larger organizations, the brief is crucial for gaining ‘buy-in’ from senior people in the business. It gives a clear direction before investing any more time building your strategy.



The brief is essentially the final outcome of the Plan and Research stages. You should then consolidate research into a concise resource that allows you to easily build a strategy. The resulting resource should be a ‘playbook’, or guide, for how you operate on social media and other digital platforms. Collate research and develop insight by working with each piece of research collectively. Identify the key trends, patterns, insights and options in order to discover the biggest opportunities and routes to take with your audience. Points to outline include:

Name of project: What is the name of the project? Is it a campaign?

Consumer goal: What do we want the consumer to do as a result?

Activity goal: What are we trying to achieve?

Target audience understanding: Give a brief overview of the customer understanding from all of your research. Who are they and what do we know about them?

Insight: This will be addressed in the next phase.


What people currently think: What are some assumptions we can make about what the customer thinks about us?

What we want people to think: If successful, what will people think?

What is our brand personality: In three keywords answer this. Do you want to be Fun? Friendly? Inspiring?

Evaluation: What will happen if we know it has worked?

Current story: Is there an existing advertising message or platform (TV ad)?

Mandatories: What will have to be included (hashtag, display, video, a blog)?



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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