5 Steps To Deploy A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

successful Content Marketing Strategy

5 Steps To Deploy A Successful Content Marketing Strategy


A customer-centric content marketing strategy delivers qualitative content to meet the needs of consumers who educate themselves before buying and who agree to receive targeted communications.

Displaying your expertise through useful content allows you to generate qualified traffic to your site and strengthen your notoriety on social media in order to acquire prospects, sell your products and retain customers.

Content marketing is perfectly justified in a context where advertising pressure is less and less well accepted by consumers. Promotion and overly commercial speeches do not fit well with digital channels. An effective marketing strategy can therefore no longer ignore quality content.

Content marketing is mainly used in B2B to fuel the conversion tunnel with educational content or expertise that helps customers in their decision-making throughout their purchasing journey. In B2C, we will generally use brand content.

Grow your business by leading a customer-oriented content marketing strategy

Content marketing is an integral part of an Inbound Marketing process. This corporate strategy consists of creating and promoting content in order to attract, convert and retain its audience.

Deploy a five-step content marketing strategy to meet your target’s needs as closely as possible.



#1  Identify your targets and their needs

The content should in no case be solely company-centric. Knowing the needs and expectations of your targets is essential to offer content that will interest them. Respect a trio of content-oriented towards the news of your brand, your market, and your customers.



#2  Design your content

Production methods must take into account ergonomics (easy to read on a computer and on mobile), natural referencing (SEO) as well as social media to promote sharing and comments.

successful Content Marketing Strategy

#3 Plan your content publications

Some aim to grab the attention of customers who are just starting out on their journeys, while others will want to satisfy those who finish it. The contents must therefore be orchestrated so that they move the targets forward throughout their decision-making process. Prepare and offer appropriate content at each stage of the buying journey.


#4  Promote your content

Once designed, the content is then widely shared on social media. Advertising, social selling or employee advocacy strategies like Los Angeles Animation Studios also make it possible to optimize their visibility.



#5  Measure your actions

The analysis focuses on the number of visitors but also and above all on the number of leads and customers obtained.



Whatever the medium, content is king!

Content marketing should be used to precisely target an audience with conversion goals at all levels of the conversion funnel.

Deploy your content marketing strategy by mixing all the online and offline supports that are at your disposal. Don’t just focus on written content, content marketing can take many forms:



Textual content:

  • Static content pages on your site: product presentation, services, etc.
  • Dynamic content pages: blog, news, events …
  • White papers, eBooks or white paper
  • Flyers, brochures templates
  • Advertising in the press


Visual content:

  • Pictures
  • Schematics
  • Infographics
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • TV spot
  • Cinematographic short films

Audio content:

  • Podcast
  • Audiobook
  • Radio announcements

The natural search (SEO) is essential for a successful strategy of Content Marketing. In addition, unlike SEA actions (media buying, AdWords), Content Marketing makes it possible to benefit from a long tail effect, lasting over the long term. Content lives can be optimized and valued over time.


Action Point

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