Tips On How To Utilize Wikipedia For Business

Tips to Utilize Wikipedia as a Bandwagon for Business

Tips to Utilize Wikipedia as a Bandwagon for Business



Wikipedia is the largest hub of information which is ranked among the 7 most visited and wholly recognized websites. It upholds a sum of 300 different languages and is considered to be the most authentic information resource throughout the world. Its articles are factual, comprehensive for all, and contain keywords for the viewers to further research on diverse topics.


Its information is highly optimized and that’s why recommended at the top of each search result. It also indicates and mentions references, so one can confirm the facts if feels any doubts. Wikipedia allows the viewers to suggest edits and amendments in the content if any. It regularly updates its content according to the fast undergoing concerns of individuals.


It is not primarily a business tool but sometimes used for marketing purposes by the traders who want to jump high across the skies of success and boost their audience. 


Points to be Considered Before Going to Get a Wikipedia Profile:

Creating a business profile with Wikipedia usually known as a Wiki-biography is not as straightforward as you think.

  • Being an online encyclopedia, Wikipedia demands a lot of effort, time, accuracy, and sufficient knowledge about the matter to be published
  • It requires massive research and extensive notability
  • It is not so that anyone just thinks-off to carry out his/her business identity through Wikipedia and it’s done. Never!
  • One should be an expert in following Wikipedia guidelines and policies as it is
  • Wikipedia doesn’t approve a rough structure, your page should be a noteworthy legit piece of distinctiveness by all means.

A regular user or a common individual couldn’t come up with such capabilities to create a Wikipedia profile on its own. Although creating a Wikipedia page is absolutely free but it costs a substantial amount to get one. 


How much Cost does it Evaluate?

Here comes the question that if Wikipedia is free then why it costs a huge sum? If there is any amount charged, then how much does it cost to create a Wikipedia page? The answer is that Wikipedia itself doesn’t apply any penalty, but you need to hire an expert to create a compelling Wikipedia page for your business to be approved and then to keep it upgraded. Wikipedia experts demand a handful of amounts that their packages range from $600 to $10,000 because they have to surpass a milestone for your business to get on to Wikipedia. Some of the efforts they put your way are as under:


#1 Increase Notability

The experts you hire first observe your notability on the board. If your business is not competitive enough then they put their creative skills to make it coherent. They work on your content’s structure, page layout, add keywords, and fill the objectives as per the market’s demand and viewer’s interests. Focusing on Wikipedia guidelines and policies, they have to do a lot of verifications and make it authentic to appear on the Wikipedia page. For this purpose, they must charge you $200 or more.


#2 Time Consumption

As much time they spend with your work, more it contributes to increasing their utility bills due to the consumption of electricity and internet.  They charge for it too so that they don’t have to pay an extra bill payment for your project by their pockets. It could be range from $50 to $150. It’s their right, not a penalty.


#4 Rigorous Research

The most time taking task is thorough research on the relevant topics to create proficient content with authenticity. To go through several sites and look for the facts is not kids’ stuff but fatigue. They take for it around $250 approx. You may not know the worth of a good research-based volume but it pays great patience and untiring focus.


#5 General Management

After accomplishing your task and make your page Wiki-recognized, you have to keep it maintained daily and upgrade its information as public demands. Here once again you need a professional Wikipedia artist for the general management of your page such as editing, introducing new policies for the advancement that keeps your information fresh. It’s the otherwise stipend that costs $100 to $150 at every update.


As it takes a costly procedure to get your Wikipedia profile page approved so you should be careful and conscious before expending money on an expert. An in-depth check of the professional’s portfolio and previous projects is mandatory to ensure your master stoke and that the one you are choosing, worth it.


Action Point


I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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