Analysing TOTO Site Game Review

Toto site game review

Analysing TOTO Site Game Review


If you have an interest in online games, particularly strategy games, then you will certainly have heard of the popular Japanese company TOTO. This company is well known for producing some of the best games ever to be played on the Internet. Many of these games have been downloaded by millions of users around the world.



The reason for this success is TOTO’s ability to create quality games that are simple and enjoyable. In this TOTO site game review, we will look at one of their most popular games – Castle Crasher.



Castle Crasher is a game that involves the use of medieval weaponry. As with many of the games produced by TOTO, this game is available for free use on their website. In this TOTO site game review, you will discover whether or not Castle Crasher is the game for you. We begin with a brief overview of the plot and objectives and then examine Castle Crasher in detail.



Castle Crasher is a game that is very similar to its younger sister castle crunch. In that game, you are required to eliminate all the enemies that are appearing on your screen.


The basic objective is still the same but Castle Crasher allows you to score points based upon your success in eliminating the various enemies.


The basic objective in both games is to eliminate all the targets before time runs out. The way in which the game is played varies slightly between games so it would be wise to read a TOTO site game review if you really want to get a feel for how they play.



In Castle Crasher, the goal is to eliminate all the enemies without allowing them to enter the castle. The only way to do this is to make use of a catapult to shoot at the enemy.


When an enemy is hit by the catapult, they become weak. When this happens, they can easily be taken out of the game. The goal is to destroy all of the targets in the shortest amount of time, while scoring the highest number of points possible. 토토사이트


Toto site game review

Another major difference between the games involves the way the castles are attacked. In Crasher, the player must use a catapult to attack the castle as soon as it is placed. Once the catapult is fired, there is a short period of time in which the castle will need to be repaired before it can be passed on to the next level.



The second level in this game has obstacles you must overcome in order to reach the final boss. You also have to make sure that you have enough arrows for the rest of the levels as well as money for food, bows and magic.


When going after the final boss, you have to make sure to bring a lot of food and magic as well as plenty of arrows. The TOTO site provides a game guide that helps you figure out where the items and weapons are hidden so you don’t trip over them while trying to win the game.



In a lot of castle games, you are not able to choose your own weapons. However, in TOTO Site Game Review you can change your weapon’s mid-game. This allows you to choose a great bow weapon for situations when you need to take out multiple enemies at once.


You can also change your entire fighting style mid-game, which will greatly affect how you play throughout the game. For example, you can switch between using a large sword or a large shield to get more points for a particular level.



In conclusion, TOTO Site Game Review is definitely a good read. It gives a good view of what this game is all about and what you can expect from playing it. Since this game is relatively new, you will find out a lot about the actual gameplay and how to do things right and wrong.


Since you only have a few levels to play, you should make sure you understand all there is to know about the game before you start playing it.


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