7 Most Helpful Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress

7 Most Helpful Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress in 2021


If you own a blog or a website and want an effective solution to increase your website traffic then you are at the right place.

Every day, a new website or business comes into existence in this digital world, making the competition fiercer. And to stay relevant in the competition, you need a smart strategy that gives you an edge over your competitors and helps you to achieve your goals. And this is where Twitter feed plugins jump in; Twitter feed plugins are amazing tools that integrate Twitter into your website.


As we all know, Twitter is one of the most influential websites that provide a great platform for its users to express themselves and establish some recognition. Twitter boosts the reach of a business beyond local boundaries and helps them to capture a large audience. Also, social media marketing is the best way to increase your brand awareness and attract more people. And that’s why embedding Twitter feed to your WordPress with the help of Twitter feed plugins is a smart strategy that helps you to attain more audience for your business.


In this blog, we will be discussing the best Twitter feed plugins for your WordPress website that not only help you to attain more audience but also increases the vibrancy of your website.


7 Best Twitter Feed Plugins for WordPress Website:

1. Twitter Feed WordPress Plugin

Twitter feed– WordPress plugin

Twitter feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed is currently the best WordPress plugin in the market. Apart from Twitter feeds, it allows you to aggregate feeds from 15+ social media platforms and embeds the Twitter feed widget on your website. It collects all the content related to your business from Twitter using hashtags, handles mentions, etc., and displays it beautifully on your website.


The plugin allows you to curate and customise the feed before showcasing them on your website. In addition, it also provides you with the moderation feature, which allows you to monitor the feed, and obstruct all unwanted and spam content from the feed, keeping the feed related to your business. Also, you can use a profanity filter that hides all the content containing mentioned keywords or blocks contents from the particular Twitter handle; it helps you to maintain the quality of your website.


Moreover, you can even customise the plugin and change its layout, theme, colour styles, banners, and more to make your website more vibrant. You can design and compose distinct social posts and visual galleries that you can embed anywhere on your website.


It is a coding-free plugin, which makes it an ideal plugin. You don’t need any coding skills to install or run this tool; you just have to copy the code and paste it on the backend of your website, and in no time, your website will be displaying Twitter feeds. It saves your time, as you don’t have to search for the feed manually. Adding to it saves your cost as you don’t need to hire any specialist to operate the plugin.


2. Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds

Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash Balloon provides a Twitter widget that helps you gather Twitter feeds for your website. It provides completely customizable, responsive, and search engine crawlable Twitter feeds for your website. Crawlable feed adds SEO value to your website and thus enhances your website recognition. In addition, you can use the plugin to display Tweets from your account or hashtags; this provides a great insight about your products and business to your visitor.


You can even customise your plugin and match it appropriately to your website. Moreover, the plugin provides ‘load more’ more that allows visitors to scroll through the feed and gather more information about your business, and know about public opinion. These features make your website more interactive and keep visitors engaged.

3. Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin

As the name suggests, Easy Twitter Feed Widget Plugin is an easy-to-use plugin that provides a user-friendly interface to integrate your tweets in a better way. The plugin is very simple and does not require an API to display tweets on your WordPress website.

4. Arrow Custom Feed for Twitter

Arrow Custom Feed for Twitter

Arrow Custom Feed is a free-of-cost plugin that helps you display the Twitter feed on your website. It allows you to put a Twitter feed anywhere on your website and offers you the option to put multiple Twitter feeds on a single page.

The plugin permits you to show or hide display pictures, date of the post, caption, etc., which provide you full control over your feed. Moreover, it is compatible with shortcodes, which provides you an easy-to-display feed.

5. Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweet Widget is an easy-to-install plugin that provides you with an easy way to integrate tweets on your website. You can draw the attention of your visitors by showcasing tweets with the use of this plugin.

6. Pixiefy Twitter Feed

Pixiefy Twitter Feed

Pixiefy Twitter Feed is another amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to display the Twitter feed on your website. In addition, the plugin provides easy customisation options that you can use to modify your feed and bring vibrancy to your website.

7. Feed Them Social

feed them social

Feed them social is one of the most talked-about plugins in the market. The Twitter feed plugins easy to install and provides responsive social feeds on your website. It is even compatible with other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more.


You can even customise the feed by using the customisation feature of the plugin. For example, you can customise the font colour and make it appropriate to your website; this adds charm to your website and makes it look organised.


It is important to have a strong social media presence as it boosts your market reputation. Many people often measure a brand’s reputation through its social media followings and strength. Hence, the plugin provides ‘follow’ buttons on the feed. The follow button allows the user to follow your Twitter page without leaving the page.



Undoubtedly, the Twitter presence of a brand holds a great influence on the brand’s reputation and recognition. Twitter is an amazing platform, which provides a great boost to businesses by providing them with a platform to market there products to a large set of audience. At the same time, by embedding a Twitter feed on your website, you can attract more people to your website.

It is a smart strategy that provides great results and helps your business to grow using these amazing Twitter feed plugins for WordPress.


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