Understanding Awareness And Interest Stage Of Buyer’s Journey

Awareness And Interest Stage Of Buyer's Journey

Understanding Awareness And Interest Stage Of Buyer’s Journey

In my previous article, I have talked about what you need to know about Buyer’s journey in Digital marketing. In this article, I want to look at the awareness and interest stage of the buyer’s journey. Follow me as we are going to look at this together in this article. 

Awareness And Interest Stage Of Buyer's Journey

Awareness Stage

The Awareness stage represents the moment where the consumer becomes aware of a problem he/she wants to solve in his/her life and perceives your product ad as a potential solution.
In this stage, marketers should focus on creating visibility and recognition. This is a critical stage for new products, brands or added benefits to an existing product.


This stage will focus on getting your product out there, implementing it as part of a broader scope of existing solutions for an issue.
In this example, our consumer Mary is not satisfied with the state of her hair. Maybe she saw an advertisement for a shampoo attracting attention to split ends, or maybe she has a friend with healthier looking hair than hers and also wants to be able to enjoy rich, glossy and fabulous looking hair. At this stage, understanding where this need emerged from will help know what your product can actually bring.


There is a difference in building a strategy for consumers whose motivation comes from confidence issues about there physical appearance and beauty than one from consumers with hair-related conditions that will need a more medical approach. Solving for the awareness stage is one of the most expensive, it relies mostly on repetition, scale and developing new content that will match the consumer’s motivation and need. Achieving awareness requires being present in the places consumers look for solutions. At this stage of a consumer’s research, 72% will turn to Google for answers.

Ask yourself:

  • Why is the consumer trying to solve his/her problem?
  • What is the root of the problem?
  • Where will they go to find solutions?
  • What solution can your company bring?
  • How does your company’s solution fit into the consumers’ knowledge and lifestyle?


Interest Stage

The Interest stage represents the moment when the consumer is looking for options that will help solve his/her problem.
During this stage, consumers will look at possibilities and prioritize what they need and how to find a solution to meet that need. For instance, they might look at different shampoo, brands, and compare price, ingredients, features, and packaging of the shampoo. They will prioritize their research around one or multiple criteria, ex: finding a shampoo that is low in price but one with natural ingredients.
At this stage, the consumer will have a selection of products in mind but will need more information and experience to make a decision.


This is a quest for knowledge that, in the digital marketing landscape, translates into reading reviews, blog articles, social media and ad product websites in order to gain as much information as possible. We can consider that this stage is influenced by earned media, as the consumer will turn to peer recommendations to scope solutions to there problems.


Now, consumers are active and open to finding new content, this is a great stage to push your content out organically, send well-timed marketing emails and develop relevant articles that attract that interested audience. These consumers are what we call prospects who can be turned into leads. They are showing interest but haven’t yet actively engaged with your company. The goal is to engage them emotionally, by appealing to there needs.

Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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