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Understanding Major Emerging Trends In E-CRM

Understanding Major Emerging Trends In E-CRM




E–CRM can be defined as an intergraded online sales marketing and services strategy that is used to identify, attract and retain an organization’s customers. It has to do with the channels that are opened which helps an organization to increase customers’ experience. in this article, I want to talk about some of the emerging trends in e-CRM.



At the end of this article, the reader should be able to:

  • Discuss the trends in e – CRM
  • Discuss the information flow in an e–CRM system





  • CRM package Procurement/ Evaluation service:- E – CRM helps organizations’ to reach out to vendors who might be able to supply all that

They need in order to meet up with customers’ demands. Since organizations are no longer bound by a border, they can now carry out business transactions and procurement through the various channels


  • Noted CRM Component Applications

E – CRM allows organizations to have access to CRM applications which allows organizations’ to raise the exit barrier for their customer and increase their value Doing these, they are able to increase the profitability of their customers.

Understanding Major Emerging Trend In E-CRM

  • Customer Intelligence

When we talk of customer intelligence, we should know that what determines how far you will succeed in a CCE has to do with how much you know about your customers and how far you are ready to use this knowledge in raising the exit barrier in your organization. Through e – CRM, organizations are able to gather information from various channels and use this knowledge in meeting customers at the right place with the right product and services


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Information flow in an e – CRM System

Under this, we want to look at how organizations use the e–CRM channels to retain a customer for life. If you look at the diagram very well, you will see that the whole process from your lead indicating interest in our products or services. This is much more similar to what we discuss under the customer life cycle. After the interest, the lead might probably move ahead to purchase your product After this, he has become a customer and the organization have to work so that he is not lost to the competitors.


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After the purchase, it is left for the organization to deliver the goods. In delivering the goods, the product must not fall short of the brand promise, which is what the organization promised that their product will do in the first since it is e – CRM, you must know that all these activities are taking place without the two parties seeing face to face.


The last stage is service and support whereby the organization continued to interact with the new customer All his array of questions are answered. They also have to teach him ways by which he can derive maximum benefits from the product. This will ensure that he makes a repeated purchase of the products or services.



We all know that the sink of e – CRM function lies on marketing sales and customer service. I have a marketing sales and customers. Services I have also specify that front office are those that have a direct relationship with customers while back office are those that do not relate directly with customers here, I want to look at the functions of e – CRM across the departments that are involved in customer interaction



At the front office, the sales executives ensure that descriptions of organisations prevent and services are made available to online customer across Multiple channels. This will make decision making easier at the back office, the sales department has to come up with the self office. The sales department has to come up with self-services sales force automation and product database which the system will make available to the online customers



The marketing department has to use the e–CRM channels to engage on one – on – one interactions with the customer and provide them notifications on new and existing products and services. At the back office, in order for the marketing department to succeed, there must be the provision of Data mining and analysis, as well as lead generation and routing of potential leads.


  • Service and Support

Through the e–CRM channels customers must be able to resolve the issue themselves At the office, the organization needs to open up communication channels such as call centre and online interactions for effective customer relation



In developing products, organizations have to put customer feedback into consideration, this will allow them to know how a customer feels about their products and services which will help the organization to sustain customer experience. At the back office, the organization must have a product knowledge base which is a repository of all that customers have said about the Organisation’s product and services


  • Distribution and supply chain

In this department, there must be direct information transactions which will allow organizations to close deals faster. At the back office must be intergraded management systems which will ensure that customer is put at the centre of every supply and distributions.


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At the end of this lesson, we have been able to discover that:

  • E–CRM are technologies that help organizations to interact and relate with their customer across multiple channels.
  • Some of the trends in e – CRM includes CRM package procurement/evaluation service, hosted CRM components application and customer intelligence.
  • Information flow in an e – CRM shows the process that the customer goes through before they finally become a customer and becomes loyal to the organization.
  • Department involve in e – CRM includes sales, marketing, service and support, supply chain and distribution and product development



Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.

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