Unknown Facts About Project Schedule Network Diagram

Project schedule network diagram

Unknown Facts About Project Schedule Network Diagram



In my previous article, I have looked at all that you need to know about project schedule network diagram for projects. In this article, I will be looking at all that you need to know about project schedule network diagram . Follow me as we will look at that together in this article.

Project schedule network diagram

A project schedule network diagram is a graphical representation of the sequence of project activities and the dependencies among them. Project schedule network diagram read from left to right or top to bottom and are typically accompanied by summary information.


The summary can either include the entire project or just specific part of of. Parts of the diagram may be referred to as a subnetwork or a fragmented network.


Project schedule diagram may differ in that they may be:

  • Detailed or high level
  • Generated by ha d or with a software.
  • Constructed using a variety of methods.
  • Of several types , including the arrow diagramming and precedence diagramming methods.


Arrow Diagramming methods…

The Arrow Diagramming method is a project schedule network Diagramming method that uses arrows to represent activities and circles or nodes to represent project events and milestones. This type of diagram:lways read from left to right. 

Always reads from left to right

  • Uses only Finish to Start
  • Use nodes as connectors with no duration that indicate the precedence relationship between the activities.
  • It can be created manually or via software.
  • It may also feature dummy activities for defining logical relationship correctly


A dummy activity is a type of activity with no duration that uses a dashed line to show precedence relationships when the relationship cannot be shown using regular diagram arrows.


At times, ADM is also referred to as Activity-On-Arrow.


Typical example…

A project has ten activities , which are represented by letter A through J, and the project team first determined the precedence relationships for these activities . The following table shows the precedence relationships.



This graphic is an example of a project schedule network diagram that was constructed using ADM.


  • Project schedule network diagram

Now your take on this article…

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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