Use of Portal In Customer Relationship Management

Use of Portal In Customer Relationship Management

Use of Portal In Customer Relationship Management



There are three basic categories of people who can benefit from customer-centric collaboration. These include internal enterprise users, external customers or clients, and external suppliers or partners.


A portal served as an integration point for all other channels. It is also a point of expression of the work how and business processes that defines a particular role.


One of the core benefits of collaborative CRM in any enterprise is that it support portals. Most vendors of partials support, the three scopes of portals which are employees, customers and partners.

Use of Portal In Customer Relationship Management

Each of these categories has its own portals, performing its own roles. The portals allowed the users to access the organization, it also serves as a means of integrating services, analytics and every other thing that users want to display.


Portals provide operational and analytical information and processes to a broad set of users both inside and outside the enterprise.

Some of the typical ROI benefits that are expected when an organisation opens portals include:

  1. Increased Sales
  2. Print/Mail Cost Saving
  3. Travel Saving
  4. HR Benefit Enrollment
  5. Customer Contract Management.

The internet allows the organisation to extend business processes to customers and partners in order to collaborate together in order to increase customer experience. This will help in promoting the profitability of customers through an increase in satisfied customers.


The uses of portals also encourage information dissemination among stakeholders. It helps to connect all those departments that deals with customer relations and help the enterprise to achieve the ultimate value of CRM, which is customers satisfaction and profitability.


Note: Portals focus on providing a single point of access to enterprise information assets and aggregates people, information, application and business processes.




Employee portals are collaborative CRM components that consolidate customer information gathered by sales, marketing and service departments to deliver a complete view of the customer to the enterprise.


The employee portals help to turn every point of interaction with customers into a revenue opportunity. It gathers information from the front offices about customers and uses this information in formulation products and packages that will satisfy customers interests.


Employee portals facilitate targeted marketing campaigns, Creates account plan strategies, forecast new sales opportunities and rapidly respond to customer services inquiries.


Portals also allow employees to have access to the centralized database of customers which will allow them to maximize products and provide relevant information from other business applications.


This is achievable through the integration of all necessary data from the corporate website, market research and other relevant data about customers and their behaviour. It also incorporates other tools such as web collaboration, product configuration, knowledge bases, expense reporting among others in a unified portal.


You should know that information needs about customers varied from one department to the other. Employees portals can be customized to meet the need of various departments or individuals. This can help in increasing end-user productivity by shirting only that information that is relevant to the job at hand.



The objective of customer portals is to transfer the organization’s website into a sophisticated, intelligent customer interface. They seek to optimize the effectiveness of online interactions and expand customer relationships through a convenient website that can capture customers information.


Note: Customers portals enable customers and prospects to access information and obtain service quickly and independently.


Customers portals help an organisation to reduce the cost of doing business and strengthen their customer relationship efforts through ti, they are able to make CRM applications available online and effectively reach out to prospects and customers. They are also able to serve, themselves online.


Through customers’ portals, organisations are able to capture prospects and customers information. It also enables the organisation to conduct targeted marketing in order to increase sales opportunities.


It also gives customers the opportunity to carry out products and services research. They can research and resolve problems online in real-time. Above all, customers portals have a very essential role to play in building a better customers experience.



Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a business strategy that is meant to improve the relationship between companies and their channel partners. Partners portals is a business solution for organizations that do rely on an indirect channel such as partners in order to reach their final consumers.


Partner portals allow the organisation to include their partners and suppliers as part of their sales team. It allowed them to share potential leads among their partners. They are able to share lead information about new sales opportunity with their partners using a rules-based routing and escalation.

Note: Sharing sales pipeline information aids in managing and monitoring of channel sales processes for improved planning and forecasting.


Portals features such as online catalogues handle partners requests for self-service training, literature, fulfilment enables partners to order sales and marketing collateral from the web, online product configuration empowers partners to configure custom products fro customers online and online order processing allows partners to easily place orders with the enterprise over the web.




Portals technology is known for the provision of complete, reliable, viable solutions to a common set of problems.

Enterprise needs to embrace the use of portal technology in order to reduce costs and this may require the integration and synchronization of existing systems available in the organization.


While it is a hightly desire to achieve a  high level or transparency and knowledge sharing within the organisation, an enterprise must be able to ensure that information at their disposal yields positive results in terms of usage. If not, it will lead to decreased productivity as employees handle information overload. Organisations should justify employee portal expenditures as enabling infrastructure.


The customer portal must be designed in a way that it will ease interaction among user and provide personalized contents which can be used to improved customers relationship.

Partner portals need to incorporate necessary elements of the value chain to give a desirable value proposition to encourage further collaboration.

Enterprise portal in its design must be able to allow the organisation to develop intimacy with the customer, grow the relationship and raise the exit barrier of the customer.


Elements of a Good Portal Design

  • It should have flow by life events.
  • It should be personalized to meet individual customer content
  • Customization
  • Transactional Focus
  • Centurions
  • Blends with information and collaborative patterns
  • The response time must be faster
  • Confirmation of transactions.
  1. Collaboration
  • User to user
  • User to site owner capabilities such as ask the expert email in context, chat etc.
  1. Information Quality
  • Completeness
  • Current
  • Good use if multiple taxonomies
  • Search features
  • Dynamic FAQ based on searches
  1. Usability
  • Reasonable performance
  • Ability to work with old technology versions
  • Minimal scrolling on highest level pages
  • Consistent understandable and complete navigation.
  • Accessible to colour blind, deaf, poor eyesight and other people with disability.



At the end of the lesson, readers should be able to:

  1. Know how an organisation need to treat portals.
  2. The elements of a good portal



At the end of this article, we have able to discover that:

  • Portals serve as integration channels for all the touchpoints in an organization
  • Some of the R01 benefits of portals include increased sales, print/mail cost-saving, travel savings, customer contact management among others.
  • Employee portal consolidates customers information so that employees that relate directly with customers can use it to improve customers profitability
  • The customers portal allow an organisation to collaborate and collate customers information which they can use in increasing customers experience.
  • Partners portal allow an organization to manage middle channels through which they use to reach old to their final consumers.
  • Portals provide a reliable and viable solution to a common set of problems.
  • Organisations should be able to justify their expenses on portals
  • It must allow the organisation to develop intimacy with their customers and improve customers experience.



Action Point

I know you might agree with some of the points that I have raised in this article. You might not agree with some of the issues raised. Let me know your views about the topic discussed. We will appreciate it if you can drop your comment. Thanks in anticipation.



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