Unknown Facts About Web Analytics Strategies

Unknown Facts About Web Analytics Strategies

Unknown Facts About Web Analytics Strategies 



In this section we will look at the theory behind web analytics, starting with the key concepts and the value and benefits of using a web analytics programme. We will identify some of the top tools used for web analytics and also how and why a measurement plan should be used by all businesses in line with their website and web analytics.



Marketers use web analytics tools to collect, measure and analyze web data to understand and optimize their website and online marketing campaigns.


Marketers use web analytics tools to understand how their campaigns are performing, in particular, how users behave on their website and how they interact with their content.

Web analytics tools can help you understand what content on site is working well and what objectives you want it to… and also understand how traffic from different sources differ in their behaviour on site.


Web analytics tools provide insight into the full user journey, from source to interaction, through to the completed conversion; for example, you can find out the source of the traffic from an organic search on a search engine through the pages viewed and any micro and macro conversions along the way.

Unknown Facts About Web Analytics Strategies

Web analytics can provide insights into who your customers are (such as their main demographics), the market we are in (whether it is increasing or decreasing), how your content is resonating with your audience (by showing positive or negative actions by users), the success of campaigns (including helping understand ROI and the most profitable campaigns) and conversion challenges (like blocks or pain points in conversion paths).


Web analytics enables marketers to understand their customers better and provide insights into who their audience is and their interests, an enhanced appreciation of what consumers like or don’t like, and an understanding of how to improve the user experience for the consumer.


Web analytics also enable marketers to understand their market better and they can provide insights into the market and seasonal trends through the increases and decreases in demand and conversions. This can include insight into market interest and demand from traffic entering the site, also onsite searches and conversions.


The insights marketers obtain through their analytics help to optimize content and campaigns by providing data on: 

  • what content to update or create to increase engagement
  • what campaigns to increase investment in
  • what changes to make on the website to improve user experience and
  • what updates to make to the positioning of products and services to appeal more to consumers

The result of this analysis should mean marketers are making smarter decisions on their marketing spend, therefore driving increased levels of traffic and improving their conversion rate onsite.

An analysis is not a once-off, however, and should be used to continually increase knowledge and constantly improve campaigns and onsite experiences to increase traffic and conversion even further.


By using web analytics tools and collecting, measuring and analyzing campaign data, marketers can use insights collected from these tools to gain a better understanding of what is and what isn’t working in their campaigns or on their website. They can, therefore, make more informed decisions on their future marketing strategies and activities in order to optimize and improve future activity.


There are dozens of web analytics tools on the market. Some of the main tools used are:

Google Analytics: the most commonly used analytics tool worldwide and has both free and paid versions.

Adobe Analytics: an enterprise solution that is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and has only a paid license.

Webtrends: another paid-for enterprise solution that has integrated heat mapping software.

Kissmetrics: this has a CRM as well as email marketing packages alongside its analytics tools and offers only paid subscriptions.

Woopra: an analytics package that also has integrated CRM analysis, with both free and paid levels.

Piwik: an open-source analytics tool that offers both paid and free versions.



Google Analytics is the most commonly used web analytics tool and has both a free and paid version.

While there are many differences between these tools, the main benefits to Google Analytics 360 (the paid version) is:

  • Dedicated support and training
  • Higher customization abilities
  • Higher processing limits
  • Un-sampled reports
  • Fresher data

There are many other analytics tools that provide insight into online campaigns and activity, but not necessarily website activity, which complements information from Google Analytics.

Most of these tools provide insights on campaign activity such as impressions, click-through rates and costs – for example on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

While HubSpot allows for deeper marketing analytics, integrating many marketing channels into one analysis software…..



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