Who Is a Community Manager And What Does It Do?

What Is a Community Manager and What Does It Do

Who Is a Community Manager and What Does It Do?


Have you ever wondered what a community manager is? What do you work on? What does? The community manager is the person who builds and manages the online or digital community of a company. build trust so that the community remains interested in the organization. For this reason, it is crucial that professional firms incorporate a community manager into their organizational structure.

The community manager is in charge of managing social networks. Create the content of the publications, interact with the followers and users who enter the firm’s website.

The community manager must have a strategy and set objectives. It is essential for maintaining relationships with customers and the public that is interested in the brand. Today we will show you what a community manager is.

What does a community manager do?

The community manager creates, manages and strengthens the online community of a company. Manage the content created using digital tools that are used to determine what type of publications to make, the ideal time to publish them and the formats to follow in order to reach your target audience.

The community manager has various functions according to the needs of the company. Here we show you the main functions it must perform:

  1. Create and manage company profiles. Actively participate in social media to build a positive business image. It becomes the voice of the whiteboard animation company, which expresses its online community.
  2. Identify the appropriate social networks for the diffusion of the brand. For this, you must know the target audience very well, the tastes and preferences of the followers of business social networks to work based on that. Among the diversity of existing social networks, both vertical and horizontal, the one in which the buyer person spends more time must be selected since there will be interactions and future acquisitions of products and services.
  3. Research the right influencers for the company. Marketing strategies on social media require the participation of authority figures for the target audience. Influencers and micro-influencers fulfil the role of giving credibility to the brand and achieving greater conversions of clients who act by imitation when they see that the person they admire performs a certain action.
  4. Develop social media strategies. Analyze and record the results obtained through the strategy established in social networks. Monitors activities related to the company, such as competition, mentions, etc. It is important that you have the ability to analyze and interpret the metrics of each of the social networks to know with certainty what is the return on your investments in both time and money. Based on this information, it will take actions aimed at improving the application of these strategies.
  5. It generates growth of the online community of the company. One of the functions of the community manager is to constantly look for new prescribers. To do this, it uses advertising campaigns to generate paid traffic, as well as the publication of quality content. Create suitable content for the company’s social networks. It tracks the posts made, as well as the interactions it gets to determine the performance of the social networks or the business blog. This helps you to be more assertive in creating and publishing content. Its purpose is to establish a lasting connection with the online community.

Why a community manager?

The community manager is a fundamental piece in your work team. It is the link between the company and its online community. In addition, it contributes to the increase in the number of customers. A community manager must be updated with trends, dates, and events that relate to the company in order to connect with community members.

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