World’s Coldest Temperature ever recorded Places


The temperature shown in the list is recorded low on Earth after the temperature measuring devices were invented, no one knows about the temperature in ancient times, so the temperature recorded lowest officially measured and is the least ever on Earth. The coldest places are located at the North Pole because many countries with low temperatures are located in the north. Russia, Canada, and the United States and holds records for low temperatures. Vostok is the coldest place on earth is located in Antarctica and there are hundreds of places that keeps temperature minus in all seasons, peoples still live in some coldest countries according to their places.

1. Vostok

This is in the South Pole about 1300 km from the South Pole, it recorded -128.6 F in the month of July.

Temperature (F): -128.6 F

Location: Vostok, Antarctica

2.  Plateau Station

Plateau Station in Central Antarctica Plateau is the second-lowest recorded temperature location on Earth at -99.8 F.

Temperature (F): -99.8 F

Location: Plateau Station, Central Antarctica

3. Oymyakon

Oymyakon, the place just 30 km northwest of Tomtor and 750 meters above sea level, the temperature registered -96.2 F.

Temperature (F):-96.2 F

Location: Oymyakon, Tomtor, Russia

4. Verkhoyansk

Verkhoyansk, a city of about 131 inhabitants, and 675 km from Yakutsk in Russia, the lowest temperature -90 F recorded in 1892.

Temperature (F): -90 F

Location: Verkhoyansk, Russia

5. north ice

Nordeis, a British research station in Greenland, 2,345 meters above sea level with the lowest recorded temperature of -87 F in January 1954.

Temperature (F): -87 F

Location: Northice, Greenland

6. ice center

Elsmitte is an Arctic expedition site in Greenland, about 402 km from the coast and 3,000 meters high, the coldest temperature is -85 F.

Temperature (F):-85 F

Location: Ice center, Greenland

7. Fort Selkirk

Fort Selkirk is located on the banks of the Yukon River in Canada. There are some civilians for the taking here, and the coldest temperature recorded is -85 F.

Temperature (F): -85 F

Location: Fort Selkirk, Yukon, Canada

8. Snag

Snag, a small village 25 km south of Beaver Creek in Yukon, Canada. The lowest temperature recorded was -81 F in 1947.

Temperature (F): -81 F

Location: Snag, Yokon, Canada

These are all some of the top coldest places in the world. where there is always temperature below -5. There is no sign of living and business in all of these places.



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